Zagreb Solar System: Grounded Sun and Nine Planets

Prizemljeni Sunčev sustav - Solar system in Zagreb
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If you don’t already know, there’s a small universe hidden in Zagreb. More specifically, there’s an art installation called Prizemljeni sunčev sustav (The Grounded Solar System) in Zagreb which is a replica of Earth’s solar system.

Grounded Solar System in Zagreb (Prizemljeni sunčev sustav)

The Grounded Solar System consists of two different art installations called Prizemljeno sunce (The Grounded Sun) and Devet pogleda (Nine Views). The Grounded Sun is situated in the center of Zagreb, and Nine Views consists of planets scattered around the city.

What is most fascinating about these installations is that the sun and planets were sculpted and positioned in relation to each other to scale, matching the solar system.

Most people who have visited Zagreb have likely seen The Grounded Sun is, whether they knew it was a replica or the sun or not since it is large and centrally located. Fewer are familiar with locations of the other planets.

To help you find all the planets, we’ve put together a map below with the addresses of all the installations. The next time you visit Zagreb, go on a scavenger hunt to find all the planets of the solar system!

The Grounded Sun (Prizemljeno sunce)

The Grounded Sun is an art installation by academic Ivan Kožarić. It was installed at Kazališni trg (The theater square) in front of the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb in 1971. The sculpture has been relocated and damaged multiple times since installation. Its replica now lives on Bogovićeva ulica.

The Sun is a simple bronze sphere around two meters in diameter. The most simple way to find it is to go to the central town square Trg bana Josipa Jelačića (Ban Jelacic square) and walk 30 meters east along Ilica. Turn onto Ulica Franje Petrića, walk 20 meters and you’ll see The Grounded Sun.

Jupiter planet installation in Zagreb
Image by Lice Grada

Nine Views (Devet pogleda)

Davor Preis came up with the idea to make an installation Devet pogleda (Nine Views) to complement The Grounded Sun. He designed and made the Nine Views installation in 2004.

Nine Views consists of 9 separated planet installations that represent the solar system together with Kozarić’s Sun. The planets are made of stainless steel and are of different sizes on the same scale as The Grounded Sun. As a result, Zagreb got its own replica of the solar system shown on a greatly reduced scale.

The distance between the Sun and the planet installations is correlated to the distance of planets and the Sun in our solar system. The system is at scale of 1:680 000 000.  As a result, the Nine View installations are spread across the wider Zagreb area, from Josip Jelacic square to Podsused and Kozari bok.

Beneath every sculpture, there’s a metal tile with information about the name of the planet, diameter, and the average distance from the Sun.

Sun and Planet Locations in Zagreb


  1. Sunce (Sun)Bogovićeva ulica 1B
  2. Merkur (Mercury)Margaretska ulica 3 – 75 meters away from the sun
  3. Venera (Venus)Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 3 – 141,1 meters away from the sun
  4. Zemlja (Earth) – Varšavska ulica 9 – 193,7 meters away from the sun
  5. Mars (Mars)Tkalčićeva ulica 21 – 295,2 meters away from the sun
  6. Jupiter (Jupiter)Voćarska ulica 71 – 1176 meters away from the sun
  7. Saturn (Saturn)Račićeva ulica 1 – 1851,2 meters away from the sun
  8. Uran (Uranus)Siget 9 – 3718,2 meters away from the sun
  9. Neptun (Neptune)Kozari 17 (naselje Kozari bok) – 5833,5 meters away from the sun
  10. Pluton (Pluto)Aleja Bologne in the underpass, although it has been stolen so there is nothing there to see – 7658,6 meters away from the sun

Have you found all the planets? Let us know in the comments.

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