Expat in Croatia celebrates women-owned businesses in Croatia

In recognition of International Women’s Day, recognized on March 8 every year, Expat in Croatia wishes to honor and pay tribute to incredible female entrepreneurs across Croatia.

Nominate a female-owned business in Croatia

Read more about this program here. Deadline for nominations is January 31, 2022 for promotion during March.

Our action to support women-owned businesses in Croatia

Throughout the month of March, we will share stories of women-owned businesses in Croatia, including what they do, why they do it, and how they built their companies in Croatia.

Through this series, we hope to highlight how business owners have achieved success in Croatia and overcome the challenges of bureaucracy. In addition, we will draw attention to smaller businesses that are just at the beginning of their journey.

We are now accepting nominations to be featured in this series during March 2022. You can nominate your own business, or a business you support.

There are two tiers:

  • Tier #1 – Young businesses in operation for less than 5 years
    • Companies will be featured across Expat in Croatia social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).
    • Promotion will include a photo, a brief summary of the business and the owner and a call-to-action on how our readers can support them.
    • 30 businesses will be selected for this tier.
  • Tier #2 – Established businesses in operation for 5 years or more
    • We will interview the owner about their business journey in Croatia, including photos and a call-to-action on how our readers can support them.
    • This interview will be published on expatincroatia.com, and promoted within our newsletter and across social media.
    • 5 businesses will be selected for this tier.

This series is open to all foreign and Croatian female entrepreneurs with a registered company or trade in Croatia. A business must be at least 50% female-owned to qualify.

We will accept nominations through January 31, 2022. We will conduct interviews and collect information on businesses during February, for promotion in March. Businesses will be selected by an independent panel, which we will announce in advance of selection.


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