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As foreigners in Croatia, we naturally flock to other foreigners, especially after we first get here. Many of us are in one or more of the many expat Facebook groups, where we are able to mingle and make friends with a variety of people with different backgrounds.

If you’re here for the long hall, we’re here to help women take this one step further. There are a number of groups in Croatia where women in business can connect, support and learn from each other so that we all rise up together.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur already, hope to be one or are working in the business world, these groups can help connect you with other women (both foreign and Croatian) with similar interests.

In this post, we’ve collected a list of all the entrepreneur groups focused on women in Croatia. Dive in, gain knowledge, and form new friendships.

We have broken these groups into 3 categories:

Entrepreneur groups for women in Croatia

Udruga (Non-profit organizations)

#1 Centar poduzetnica

Centar poduzetnica (Center of women entrepreneurs) is a non-profit organization focused on projects and activities that encourage entrepreneurship, especially among women. Their goal is to encourage women from Croatia as well as the southeast part of Europe to become entrepreneurs.

Centar poduzetnica has more than 2.300 women members. They offer a variety of activities, including free education in coordination with the local municipalities. They also organize an annual congress called “Kongres poduzetnica”, which is the biggest gathering of business women in southeast Europe.

One of their most popular services is the loyalty program, which provides promotional and business development services. Through this program, members can promote their services, increase the profitability of their business through networking and support other businesses in the program.

The loyalty program also includes free business consultation, legal help, promotion via newsletter, and participation and discounts for their gatherings.

Year of foundation: 2015

Address: Radnička cesta 80/5 (Zagrebtower), 10 000 Zagreb
Email: info@poduzetnica.hr
Phone: +385 (0)91 3929 438

Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

#2 WECroatia (Udruga hrvatskih poduzetnica)

WECroatia is a non-governmental organization whose goal is to promote female entrepreneurship through providing resources for business happenings, free educational workshops, financing sources, and technology. They are open to women just starting their career as well as seasoned entrepreneurs.

Members of WECroatia can connect with each other, share practices, and promote their activities. To become a member, fill out this form.

Year of foundation: 2012

Address: Dubašnička 12, 10 000 Zagreb

Website EN | Website HR | Facebook

Membership organizations

#1 Femisfera

Femisfera is an online female community. They encourage women to join who value intimacy, reliability, pro-activity, and positivity.

Within the community, women share stories of encouragement, offer different perspectives, and strengthen awareness. Femisfera writes about various aspects of life such as business, healthy living, food and training, traveling, family and friendship, ecology, culture, sustainability, self help, and empathy.

If you’d like to contribute to their content, you can join them.

Email: moja@femisfera.com

Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

#2 Poduzetne žene Poreštine

Poduzetnički inkubator Poreč has a new group “Poduzetne žene Poreštine”. Their aim is to strengthen the entrepreneurial competencies of women by organizing activities that connect different experiences, knowledge, and skills.

This empowerment group is currently in the process of launching.

#3 Women in Adria

Women in Adria is an initiative for women entrepreneurs, women from the corporate world, and all other women who want to achieve a successful career. This organization provides business news, resources, mentoring and knowledge. They also organize networking events and projects.

Follow their news and tips from the business world here. It is also possible to join the Women in Adria Network, which includes a variety of benefits.

These benefits include:

  • Free access to their webinars and workshops
  • Membership in their private Facebook group
  • Ability to promote your business through articles and banners on their web site and in their newsletter
  • Leveraging the benefits of their partners

You can read an article about Women in Adria’s CEO, Ivana Matić here.

Founded by: Ivana Matić

Address: Palinovečka ulica 43, 10 000 Zagreb
Phone: +385 (0)91 612 8200
Email: ivana@womeninadria.com

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn

Facebook groups

#1 Be Your Own Boss

Be Your Own Boss is a private Facebook group for women who are entering the business world. Within this group, female entrepreneurs share their experiences, lectures and other information from the business world with young women entrepreneurs.

The goal is to help prepare young women for business careers and entrepreneurship.

Moderated by: Marina Biljak
Year of foundation: 2020


#2 Klub svjesnih i uspješnih žena

Klub svjesnih i uspješnih žena (Club of conscious and successful women) is a Facebook group launched to connect business women so that they can exchange business ideas. The group is led by Elvira Mlivić Budeš, a business and personal development advisor at the business school Filaks.

Moderated by: Elvira Mlivić Budeš
Year of foundation: 2017

Email: elvira@filaks.hr


#3 Žene poduzetnice Međimurja

Žene poduzetnice Međimurja is a new public Facebook group for female entrepreneurs, female owners of trade businesses, and other creative women. The group was founded at the beginning of 2020 in response to the COVID-19 epidemic.

The group’s goal is to encourage women to exchange tips and support each other during this crisis and hard times.

Year of foundation: 2020


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