Where to get service and support for Apple products in Croatia

Apple products bought in Croatia
Apple products bought in Croatia

UPDATED: 18.6.2024.

Although iPhone use is rampant in Croatia, official Apple resellers and service providers are still underrepresented. As a result, there are few options for getting assistance with a broken Apple device, especially a laptop or tablet.

So your Macbook or iPad has an issue. What do you do? Below, we’ve put together a guide that will help you solve the issue with your device.

In this post, we cover:

The facts are these…

Things to consider before choosing a service provider

Before you jump for joy, there are some important things to consider when picking a shop to service your Mac product.

First, is your Macbook, iPad, or iPhone under warranty? If the answer is YES, then you must go to an authorized Apple provider for service to preserve your warranty. If you have your device serviced by a non-authorized shop, Apple can void your warranty if you seek service from them directly in the future.

If your device is not under warranty, then there is more flexibility in which shop you use for repairs.

What you need to know when buying Apple products in Croatia

Buying Apple products in Croatia can seem complicated because it may be a different experience from what you are used to in your home country. Here are some things to consider when purchasing your favorite products.

1. Shop at authorized resellers

Croatia does not have an official Apple Store, but there are authorized resellers like iStyle, Store Zagreb, and others where you can purchase Apple products. You can always check if the store is a premium reseller by checking it on the Apple website.

Although these are authorized resellers of Apple products in Croatia, that does not mean that all products will be available as soon as they are launched. Usually, there is a waiting list for each new product. 

2. Prices might be higher

Prices in Croatia might be higher than in other countries due to taxes and import duties. It’s important to compare prices across different authorized resellers. Croatia is a small market with high VAT rates so the prices are often much higher than in the US, for example.

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If you want to catch a deal, look out for special offers, discounts, or seasonal sales that might make the purchase more affordable. Sales happen seasonally or right before a new product comes out.

3. Standard warranty is valid

Apple’s standard warranty applies in Croatia, offering one year of limited warranty and 90 days of complimentary technical support. However, you can purchase AppleCare+ for extended coverage. Authorized resellers and service providers offer support and repair services. 

Note: AppleCare+ can be purchased only if you have an Apple ID account created in a country where it is available. If you create a new Apple ID account in Croatia, you will not be able to purchase AppleCare+.

4. Getting the right keyboard is important

Apple devices offer a wide range of language settings for iOS and macOS, including Croatian. If you are buying a MacBook or an iPad with a keyboard, ensure you get the correct layout. You can order a Croatian or international keyboard. If you have a special request, like an international layout, you often have to wait for the product to arrive at the store, as they are ordered on request. 

5. Local laws are applied

Zakon o zaštiti potrošača (Croatian consumer protection law) applies when you buy Apple products from local companies. This includes the right to return products within a certain period if purchased online. You can view this law here.

6. The offer is limited

Although there are quite a few premium resellers for Apple in Croatia, not all the products and services are available here. Some of the Apple products currently unavailable in Croatia are:

  • Apple TV plus
  • Home pod
  • Itunes
  • Vision pro

7. You may get a tax return

If you are a tourist, you might be eligible for a PDV (VAT) refund on purchases made in Croatia. To get this right, you must come from a third country and have no residency in Croatia or citizenship of any other EU/EEA country.

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Learn about all visa and residence options in Croatia here and Croatian citizenship here.

Where to get your Macbook, iPad, and iPhone fixed in Croatia

There are over 30 locations where you can buy or service your Apple products in Croatia. Here is the full list of Apple Premium Resellers.

While we are waiting for the Apple Store to open in Croatia, these premium resellers are recognized and recommended by Apple for other customer service and products they sell.

Do you have Apple Care? If so, you can speak to an Apple rep over the phone using this toll-free Croatia number: +385 (0)800 222 427.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I contact Apple Services?

You can visit one of the premium resellers or call them, or you can contact Apple directly by calling +385 (0)800 222 427.

How do I get support from Apple?

Apple does not have a location in Croatia, but you can still get help with your Apple products if you go to premium resellers.

Does the Apple Store offer support?

Yes, however, Croatia does not have an Apple Store. Resellers that are marked premium can help you with anything you need. Discover the closest location here.

Where are Apple’s products and services sold?

There are many shops where Apple products are sold, and some of them provide support as well. Examples are Store in Zagreb and iStyle, which has several locations throughout Croatia. View the full list here.

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