What is a Tisak and how it may save your life in Croatia

Tisak stand in Split, Croatia
Tisak booth in Split, Croatia

UPDATED: 12.10.2023.

A Tisak booth is on almost every street corner throughout Croatia. They are noticeable by their large red TISAK signs. Do you wonder what they sell?

Tisak is the largest Croatian booth chain and distributor of printed material, tobacco products, and prepaid vouchers. They sell a smattering of items from sunglasses and umbrellas to cigarettes and lighters to magazines, batteries, and bottled water.

You can even make copies or receive packages at Tisak. They also sell bus and tram tickets, often at a savings of a few cents per ride. It is like a convenience store but offers much more than you may have thought – they are practically magic.

In a pinch, they can be a lifesaver, which is why we’ll cover their services in this article. You can find their locations in Croatia here.

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The facts are these…

1. Send and receive packages at Tisak

You can send or receive packages at Tisak booths at the lowest market price. This service is available only within Croatia.

Packages can be shipped to locations of Tisak and iNovine if their weight is lower than 15 kilograms. They are delivered to the final point within 48-96 hours, depending on the delivery location.

Tisak also provides a tracing system that monitors the status of your package.

More information is available here.

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2. Purchase mobile SIM at Tisak

You may easily buy Croatian mobile SIM cards at Tisak booths, which can be handy, especially for tourists who only need a temporary Croatian phone number.

SIM cards can be bought and used immediately, as they are already topped up with credit.

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3. Pay bills at Tisak

You can pay your Croatian bills and invoices at a Tisak as well. If your invoice has a 2D barcode, it can be paid at more than 850 locations. Without a barcode, you can pay bills at more than 300 locations.

More information is available here.

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4. Buy parking tickets and charge ENC devices at Tisak

At Tisak, you can charge your ENC devices or purchase parking tickets for certain Croatian cities. View a list of cities here.

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Tisak booth
Tisak booth in Westgate shopping center near Zaprešić, Croatia

5. Buy event tickets at Tisak

Tisak sells tickets for concerts as well as cultural and sports events for certain providers. A list of these providers is available here.

6. Withdraw cash at Tisak

You can withdraw cash from your Croatian debit or credit cards at almost all Tisak booths. Just give your card to the seller and ask for the desired amount. They will ask you to authorize with your PIN and pay out the cash.

It is possible to withdraw up to 199,08 euros per day at Tisak booths and 398,17 euros per day at Tisak media centers.

More information is available here.

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7. Pay and withdraw money via Aircash at Tisak

Tisak offers payment and withdrawal of money via the Aircash mobile app. The smallest amount of money you can deposit is 1 euro, and the largest is 700 euros.

If you want to put the money in your Aircash wallet, show the barcode that you received via the Aircash application to the seller, and they will put the money in your account. If you want to withdraw money, show the barcode, and they will give you the money.

Aircash mobile application is available for:

  • iOS – download it here
  • Android – download it here
  • Huawei – download it here

8. Purchase electronic vouchers at Tisak

If you want to feel safe when buying online, purchase electronic vouchers at Tisak booths.

View all electronic vouchers available at Tisak here.

9. Purchase transport tickets at Tisak

You can buy daily, monthly, and annual tickets for city and intercity transport in Croatia.

Tisak sells city transport tickets for:

  • Dubrovnik – view Dubrovnik’s transport guide here
  • Osijek – view Osijek’s transport guide here
  • Rijeka – view Rijeka’s transport guide here
  • Sisak
  • Split – view Split’s transport guide here
  • Zadar – view Zadar’s transport guide here
  • Zagreb – view Zagreb’s transport guide here

If you want to buy a ticket for intercity transport, visit Tisak and tell the seller the day and direction of your travel, meaning one way or return. You can also buy ticket reservations for two-way and Flixbus tickets.

More information is available here.

10. Develop photos and copy documents at Tisak

At Tisak booths, you can develop your photos. Bring them to the selling point saved on analog film, CD, memory card, or USB stick, or deliver them to Tisak via their online application Tisak foto here. Photos will be ready within 7-10 days if ordered in person or 4-5 days online.

If you need to make copies of your documents, you can also do it at Tisak. More information is available here.

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11. Play lottery games at Tisak

Hrvatska lutrija (Croatian lottery) is the state lottery organization. You can play the most popular games of Hrvatska Lutrija at Tisak, including Eurojackpot, Loto 7, Loto 6/45, KeNo, and TV Bingo.

12. Buy coffee to go at Tisak

If you want to take a short pauza and enjoy a cup of coffee, you can buy a coffee to go at a Tisak booth.

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When buying a coffee to go anywhere, we advise you to bring your own reusable cup to save nature. View our guides on recycling in Croatia:

13. Buy tax stamps at Tisak

For many bureaucratic procedures, you can only pay with a Croatian tax stamp called državni biljeg. Tax stamps are literal stamps with an assigned value that can be used to pay government fees.

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There are only certain places where you can buy these stamps. Thankfully, Tisak is one of them.

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