What is a tax stamp and why do you need them?

A tax stamp (called “državni biljeg”) is a special paper mark, which the State uses to charge for administrative and court fees as a special kind of indirect tax. In Croatia, Ministarstvo financija (Ministry of Finance) prints and releases tax stamps and the Hrvatska Narodna Banka (Croatian National Bank) distributes them.

Tax stamps are printed on a flat paper with an invisible validation. They look similar to postage stamps in appearance and size. At the center of every tax stamp is the Croatian coat of arms framed with a stylized rosetta. Below the coat of arms is the value of a tax stamp in kuna.

50 kuna drzavni biljezi -Croatian tax stamp
Image by Njuskalo

When do you need a tax stamp?

Tax stamps are required for payment of government administrative fees. Administrative fees are usually charged for every written, administrative action when a document will be issued by the State’s administration bodies, diplomatic missions, consular offices, and other government representative bodies abroad, bodies of local and regional units and their administrative bodies, and legal entities with public authority.

Up to 100 kn may be charged in tax stamps. The administrative fee requiring tax stamps varies from document to document.

Here are some examples when you may need to buy and enclose tax stamps. Tax stamps are needed when you want to get:

  • Osobna iskaznica (an identity card)
  • Putovnica (a passport)
  • Vozačka dozvola (a driver’s license)
  • Posjedovni list (a certificate for land/property)
  • Rodni list (a birth certificate)
  • Potvrda o rođenju (a certificate about a birth, holds less info than a birth certificate)
  • Izvadak iz matice rođenih (a statement from Matica rođenih)
  • Međunarodni izvadak iz matice rođenih (an international statement from Matica rođenih)
  • Domovnica (a proof of citizenship)
  • Uvjerenje o državljanstvu (a certificate about citizenship)
  • Vjenčani list (a marriage certificate)
  • Izvadak iz matice vjenčanih (a statement from Matica vjenčanih)
  • Međunarodni izvadak iz matice vjenčanih (an international statement from Matica vjenčanih)
  • Potvrda o slobodnom bračnom stanju (a certificate about free marital status)
  • Smrtni list (a death certificate)
  • Izvadak iz matice umrlih (a statement from Matica umrlih)
  • Međunarodni izvadak iz matice umrlih (an international statement from Matica umrlih)
  • Prijava djeteta (child registration)
  • Promjena osobnog imena (a change of your personal name)
  • Registracija motornih vozila (a vehicle registration)
  • Upisa jahte (a yacht registration)
  • Upis broda (a boat registration)
  • Uvjerenje da se ne vodi kazneni postupak (a statement that there’s no current criminal proceedings against you)
  • Prijava promjena i prestanak djelovanja udruga (a registration of changes or termination of association’s activity)
  • Other documents from the State
Državni biljeg - Tax Stamps
Image by HRT

Where can you buy a tax stamp?

You may purchase tax stamps from:

  1. State administration bodies, local, and regional self-government units and their bodies, courts, banks, FINA, HP (Hrvatska Pošta), and javni bilježnik (notary public)
  2. Individuals and legal entities who have a registered retail sale company (trgovina na malo) with authorization from the State

For example, tax stamps can be bought at:

Državni Biljeg Denominations

Tax stamps are printed in 4 amounts. These amounts are:

  1. 5 kn tax stamp printed in yellow
  2. 10 kn tax stamp printed in gray
  3. 20 kn tax stamp printed in red
  4. 50 kn tax stamp printed in orange
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