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Visiting Risnjak National Park

Nacionalni Park Risnjak
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Risnjak National Park is one of 8 national parks in Croatia. It is situated in the most mountainous Croatian region – Gorski kotar, only 15 kilometers north of the Adriatic sea. Risnjak’s area covers 4600 hectares. The park includes gorgeous Risnjak, the Snježnik massif, and the beautiful source of the river Kupa.

The park was named after the medium-sized wild animal, the lynx, which is pronounced “ris” in Croatian. Ris is the rarest and the most hidden beast in Europe and only a few hunters and naturalists knowing how to trace them. Risnjak is full of different types of woods, small grasslands, and rocks, and it is rich with an envious number of plant species.

A few reasons to visit Risnjak National Park

  • 15 types of forest communities

If you take a walk through the Risnjak area, you will ecounter plenty of tree species. Among the most widespread are beech, fir, spruce, black hornbeam, black and white alder, and giant willow forests.

  • Veliki Risnjak mountain peak

Veliki Risnjak is the second tallest mountain peak in Gorski kotar. At 1528 meters high, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Kvarnerski zaljev, Istria, and the Julian alps in Slovenia.

  • Snježnik mountain peak

Snježnik (1506 meters) is a gorgeous rocky ridge surrounded by steep meadows. Snježnik was named after large amounts of snow which persist until the late spring even though the sea is only a few kilometers away.

  • Source of the Kupa river

When you see the turquoise lake at the spring of the Kupa river, you will be speechless. Due to very rich flora and fauna, the upper stream of the river is called Čudesna dolina leptira (Wonderful Butterfly Valley). It is one of the deepest Croatian springs, at a depth of more than 154 meters.

National Park Risnjak
Image by Yachts Croatia

How to visit the Risnjak National Park

Where it is

Risnjak National Park is located in Gorski kotar, 15 kilometers inland from the Adriatic sea and near the border with Slovenia.


When to go

You can visit Risnjak at any time of the year but the best time to visit is during sunny weather. The river source is usually inaccessible during heavy rainfall due to flooding.

How to get to Risnjak National Park

Traveling by car

If you travel from Zagreb or southern Croatia, get off the highway at Ravna Gora. Go towards Delnice and only 2 kilometers after Delnice turn towards the village Crni Lug. Crni Lug is situated near the entrance, so just follow the entrance signs.

If you travel from Rijeka, go to Delnice and follow the same instructions.

Traveling by public transport

Here you can see a timetable for buses that drive from Crni Lug to Delnice and Rijeka (under the section “MOST POPULAR LINES”).

Rijeka Kupa - Source of Kupa River
Image by Direct Croatia

Tickets & Parking for Risnjak

Entrances & Parking

There are four entrances to the Park:

  1. Bijela Vodica
  2. Kupari
  3. Razloge
  4. Vilje

Parking is available at each entrance. Here is a map of all the entrances to Risnjak National Park.

Ticket Prices & Where to Purchase

Tickets can be purchased here:

  1. Bijela Vodica – Information point
  2. Bijela Vodica – Restaurant
  3. Kupari – Information point
  4. Razloge – Information point
  5. Risnjak – Mountain lodge
  6. Platak – GSC Information point

Here is a map of places where you can purchase the ticket.

Regular Admission

Entrance TicketPrice
Adults45 kn
Children, students, mountaineers25 kn
Family Ticket100 kn
Children under 7 yearsFree
Annual ticket200 kn

Additional Activities

Activity typePrice
A half day guide (4 hours)400 kn
A full day guide (8 hours)700 kn
Projection of a movie 10 kn
Leska sightseeing and a projection of a movie for students (ticket included)30 kn
Forest pedagogy - guide300 kn
Sports fishing – daily license400 kn
Chamois observation800 kn
Chamois observation (per person, for 2, 3 or 4 in a group)500 kn
Rent a bike 3 hours30 kn
Rent a bike 6 hours60 kn
Rent a bike 1 day90 kn
Rent e-bike 1 hour60 kn
Rent e-bike 6 hours150 kn
Rent e-bike 1 day200 kn

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