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Visiting Mljet National Park

Mljet National Park
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UPDATED: 18.1.2023.

Mljet National Park covers 5300 hectares of the northwest part of the island of Mljet located near the Pelješac peninsula on the southern coast of Croatia.

Mljet’s most beautiful landmarks are submerged bays, beaches, sea caves, native species, and archaeological finds. Due to its lush and rich vegetation, Mljet is the greenest Croatian island, which is why its nickname is Zeleni otok (the “green island”).

Why you should visit Mljet National Park

  • Mljet’s forests

90% of the park is covered by forest, most of which is alepski bor (Aleppo pine), a tree that can reach up to 20 meters high. Hrast crnika or česmina (Holm oak) is also very common.

  • Veliko and Malo jezero (Great and Small Lake)

These two lakes are deep sea bays formed by rising sea levels. They were once karst sinkholes filled with freshwater. Today they are filled with seawater.

  • Rich fauna

In addition to the many native invertebrates who live in Mljet’s caves and pits, snakes, lizards, mammals, and a lot of bird species also live here. Small songbirds such as zeba (finch), crvendać (robin), kos (blackbird), slavuj (nightingale) and others populate the dense pine forests.

  • Otok Sveta Marija (Isle of Saint Mary)

Sveta Marija is a smaller island that sits within the Great Lake. On this island, there is a Benedictine monastery where you will find the Church of Saint Mary built in the 12th century. Tickets for Nacionalni Park Mljet include a return boat ride to the Isle of Saint Mary and a visit to the benedictine monastery. The boat rides every hour from Mali most and Pristanište. It is also possible to rent a canoe or a kayak.

How to visit the Mljet National Park

Where it is

Mljet National Park is on the northwest part of otok Mljet. The park covers about one third of the island and it is the southernmost national park in Croatia.

When to go

You can visit Mljet year-round. Every season brings its own beauties to the park.

During high season (May 1 to October 31), Nacionalni park Mljet is open between 8:00 and 20:00. During the winter (November 1 to April 30), arrival announcements are necessary. Announce your arrival by calling +385 (0)20 744 041 or send email to

How to get to Mljet National Park

There are three official entrances to the Nacionalni park Mljet:

  • Pomena
  • Polače
  • Vrbovica

There are several ways to arrive to the island:

  1. By catamaran from Dubrovnik to Polače (Dubrovnik – Lastovo line) – find timetable here
  2. By catamaran from Split to Pomena (Split – Dubrovnik line) – find timetable here
  3. By catamaran from Split to Sobra (Split – Dubrovnik line) – find timetable here
  4. By ferry from Prapratno (Pelješac) to Sobra (Mljet) – find timetable here
  5. By your own vessel

Arriving by your own vessel

It is possible to arrive at NP Mljet by your personal vessel. The price of the entrance ticket for the vessel depends on the size of the vessel.

Nacionalni park Mljet
Image by dronepicr

Tickets & Pricing

Where to buy tickets

National park tickets can be purchased:

Ticket Prices

The price list for NP Mljet is available here.

Vessel ticket prices

The price list for vessels is available here.

Organized Tours

If you’d like to hire a tourist guide for an individual or group visit, send an email to before you come to the island. One group can contain from 10 to 35 people.

Available tours include:

  • Standard sightseeing (2 hours)
  • Half-day guided tour
  • Full-day guided tour
  • VIP tours
  • Walking tours
  • Cycling tours

Organized tours are available in 3 languages:

  • Croatian
  • English
  • German

Mljet’s solar boats

Nacionalni park Mljet has three solar-powered catamarans produced by Croatian startup company iCat. The first one was delivered in 2018, and the third in 2020.

They are used to transport passengers all over the park. This method of transport is quick, inexpensive, and comfortable while protecting the park’s environment.

The catamarans use solar energy collected through solar panels installed on the roof of the boat. Their solar batteries will last approximately 15 years and their capacity is 54 passengers. These boats do not make noise, so you can enjoy the park without disturbance.

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