Visiting Brijuni Islands, a national park in Croatia

Brijuni Islands National Park
Image by NP Brijuni

UPDATED: 4.9.2023.

Brijuni Islands National Park is a large group of islands on the Istria’s western coast. The Brijuni archipelago consists of 14 islands and islets situated on the surface of 744 hectares. The Adriatic marine ecosystem is nearly completely represented within the sea and rocky shores of Brijuni.

Veliki Brijun and Mali Brijun are the largest islands of the archipelago, decorated with wonderful landscape parks, meadows, pastures, Istrian vegetation, and architectural heritage. In addition to being one of Croatia’s most beautiful national parks, they also serve as holiday resorts.

Brijuni was the official residence of the former Yugoslavian president Josip Broz Tito for three decades. Thanks to him, the natural beauty of the Brijuni Islands has been preserved.

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Brijuni Islands National Park in Istria, Croatia

Where is Brijuni National Park situated in Croatia?

Brijuni Islands National Park is situated in the northern Adriatic Sea off the western coast of the Istrian peninsula. It is separated from the peninsula by the Fažana strait, which is only 3 kilometers wide.

Why you should visit the Brijuni Islands in Croatia

#1 Stunning safari park

Many indigenous Istrian and exotic Asian, African, and South American animals freely run throughout Veliki Brijun’s gorgeous safari park. Take a walk or a ride with zebras, llamas, ostriches, peacocks, sacred cows, and even see an Indian elephant.

#2 Tito’s parrot – Koki the legend

Adorable Koki is a rare example of a yellow-crested cockatoo, which Tito gave as a birthday gift to his granddaughter Saša. Koki is older than 60 and lives at Veliki Brijun. He still speaks, shakes hands, and animates visitors as a proper host!

#3 Dinosaur footprints

More than 200 dinosaur footprints have been discovered on Brijuni. Footprints are located on the islands of Veliki Brijun, Vanga, Galija, and Vrsar. Visitors can take a look at the footprints on Veliki Brijun, Cape Ploče, and Cape Vrbanj.

Dinosaur footprint at Brijuni National Park
Image by NP Brijuni

#4 Ancient olive tree

One of the oldest olive trees in the Mediterranean is located on the island of Veliki Brijun. This famous olive tree is more than 1.600 years old, and its olives are still used for olive oil production.

When to visit Brijuni National Park, Croatia

The Brijuni Islands are a gorgeous piece of nature throughout the whole year. However, the national park is easiest to reach during summer when boats and ferries are plentiful.

During summer, you can go swimming, diving, and enjoy the sun and a perfect Mediterranean climate. In July and August, you can enjoy cultural programs such as the music festival called Podium festival and the Ulysses theater.

Zebras at Brijuni National Park
Image by Istrien 7

How to visit Brijuni National Park in Croatia

To get to Brijuni National Park, you first need to travel to Fažana, a small town located on the southwest coast of Istria. The only transport to Brijuni are boats, and they do not transport cars.

If you don’t take public transport to Fažana, you will have to park your car somewhere in Fažana and then take a boat to Brijuni.

The boat travels from Fažana to the island of Veliki Brijun, which takes around 20 minutes. The departure schedules from Fažana to Brijuni and Brijuni to Fažana are available here.

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How to buy tickets for Brijuni, Croatia

The ticket for Brijuni with an excursion to Veliki Brijun includes:

  • Sightseeing with a licensed guide
  • Boat trip from Fažana to Veliki Brijun and the return trip
  • Tourist train ride around the island
  • Visit to the Safari Park
  • Visit to permanent exhibition displays
  • Visit to the Mediterranean garden and the old olive tree

Online tickets can be bought here. You can also purchase tickets in person at their office in Fažana.

Another option is to book tickets via email A group discount is available for groups consisting of 25 people or more.

The latest price list for Brijuni National Park is available here.

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Brijuni Islands National Park

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