Getting Residence: What to Bring to Croatia

You’ve decided to move to Croatia. That’s awesome.

Now you’ve got some work to do to ensure there will be no problems gaining residency. There are a number of items you should prepare BEFORE leaving your home country as being without them will only delay your residence application.

There are several documents you should bring with you to Croatia. Depending on who you talk to and when, what the authorities will actually require for your residence permit application may vary. To prepare for all contingencies, you should bring:

  • An apostilled original of your birth certificate
  • An apostilled original of your marriage certificate (if applicable). If you’ve been married more than a couple years, I recommend getting a new copy for this purpose.
  • A certified copy of your high school or college transcripts, whichever is latest
  • Your passport that is at least 1 year out from its expiration date
  • A drivers license at least 1 year out from its expiration date (if you plan to drive)

Once you get to Croatia, you may need to have any or all of these documents translated into Croatian by a certified translator. The Republic of Croatia and their consulates are very clear on their web sites that you must have all documents translated in advance of arrival.

However, wait until the police in Croatia tell you what they need translated first or you’ll likely waste a bunch of money.

If you are an EU national, you’ll need a lot less than a third-country national. For example, EU nationals will not need to provide their college transcript or birth certificate.

If you are in need of a certified English to Croatian translator, email us for a recommendation.

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Expat in Croatia

Sara is an American expat based in Split. After globetrotting between New York, Amsterdam and California, she moved to Croatia in 2012. Sara's blog Expat in Croatia is a guide for foreigners living and traveling in Croatia.