Where to get vaccinations in Croatia

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In Croatia, there are both mandatory and optional vaccinations available. Mandatory vaccinations are performed according to the annual calendar published by the Ministry of Health. They are free of charge no matter if you are a Croatian citizen or not and are covered by the Republic of Croatia.

Optional vaccinations can be performed at your own request, for example, if you want to be protected from the flu or require specific protection to enter a specific country.

The first time you get vaccinated, the doctor will create your record (called “iskaznica imunizacije”). Given that you keep track of this booklet, this is where you can track all your shots.

Where to get vaccinations in Croatia

You have several options for procuring both mandatory and optional vaccinations. They are offered by:

Health Institutions

  • Doktor opće medicine (Your family doctor)
  • Nadležni županijski zavod za javno zdravstvo (competent county public health institute)
  • Privatni doktor (Private doctor or health care provider)
  • Bolnica (Hospitals) – health workers and newborn children in maternity hospitals


Schools will offer vaccinations and immunizations as part of the mandatory schedule dictated by the government.

Hrvatski zavod za javno zdravstvo – HZJZ

HZJZ, the Croatian Institute for Public Health, offers vaccinations as well, which is most commonly used for optional shots outside of the mandated schedule. HZJZ has a location for each county within Croatia. You do not need an appointment to visit them.

Here are lists of all HZJZ locations within Croatia.

COVID19 Vaccinations

If you are a legal resident with HZZO coverage, then you can qualify to request a coronavirus vaccination in Croatia. They are distributed according to priority. There are three ways to request the vaccination:

  • Request a COVID-19 vaccination online here.
  • Request a COVID-19 vaccination over the phone at (0)800 0011.
  • Contact your family doctor and request it. This is the best option if you have chronic health conditions or are at high risk. Your family doctor has the power to adjust your priority on the list.

You will then be notified by your doctor when it is your turn.

For more coronavirus resources, please check out our dedicated section here.

Mandatory Vaccinations & Immunizations

There are shots that the government requires for babies, children, elementary school children, high school children, adults when they reach 60 years old and for all people under certain circumstances to protect the public health.

You can read about these mandatory vaccinations and their schedule as defined by the Croatian government here.

Optional Shots

Optional vaccinations are not free of charge. If you want to get protection for a specific disease, you will have to pay for it regardless of whether you have health insurance or not.

The pricing for optional services applies to both Croatian citizens and non-citizens alike. Below are the approximate prices.

Optional Vaccination Costs

VaccinationPrice (kuna)
Yellow fever426
Typhoid fever311
Diphtheria and tetanus185
Hepatitis A311
Hepatitis A for children237
Hepatitis A and B combined vaccine for adults340
Tick Meningoencefalitis for adults213
Tick Meningoencefalitis for children196
Meningococcal Meningitis369
Hemophilus Influenza Infection185
Measles, Rubella and Mumps146
Poliomyelitis - Child Paralysis143
Pneumococcal Infection238
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