15 unique Croatia Instagram accounts to follow in 2021

There are just oodles of Instagram accounts out there focused on Croatia. OODLES. However, a good chunk of them show the same overly filtered, drone travel photos. It gets a bit old. There is a lot more to Croatia than Zlatni Rat beach.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite Instagram accounts that take a different look at Croatia.

15 unique Croatia Instagram accounts to follow


Harperspazaar is one of my absolute favorites. This account perfectly captures the eccentricities of Splićani and the realities of Split life in a way no other does.


A new Insta on the block, oldschoolcroats shares old family photos found on Instagram and combs their extensive archives and the internet for the best vintage photos of Croatians. The quality of the curation is spectacular, giving us a peek into the past. In case you are wondering, yes, she gets permission before posting anyone’s photos. This is truly one of my most favorite accounts right now.


Ana takes lovely shots of life with Croatia as the backdrop. No touristy photos here.


This is the official account for the Zagreb Pride non-profit organization supporting LGBTIQ advocacy and women’s rights.


This is one of my favorites, as it is certainly the most unique. Marko’s photos focus on the architecture of Zagreb; the good, the bad and everything in between. His knack for honing in on patterns, curves and edges can turn a seemingly dull communist structure into a snapshot of modern art.


Life in Zagreb, as captured with just an iPhone.


The life of an American expat boppin’ around Croatia. Yup, this one is me. 🙂


Focused on the graffiti of Croatia and nothing else.


Vedran puts up lovely shots of Zagreb and other parts of Croatia. In a country so full of color, he takes the leap to black and white yet still manages to capture its beauty.


Incredible photographs taken in and around Zadar, posted ’round the clock.


Colorful pics showcasing the beauty of life in Split.


Cromoda captures female street style in Zagreb, occasionally intermixed with nice beach photos. I won’t lie, when in Zagreb, I hang around in Cvjetni Trg hoping to get captured. #lifegoals


Ecocroatia is new to Instagram. This insta is focused on drawing attention to the environmental issues in Croatia as well as sustainability and solutions to keep our planet clean and green. Give it a follow.

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