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Treehouse at Riverland Mrežnica in Donji Zvečaj, Croatia
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UPDATED: 13.6.2024.

Croatia offers a unique type of accommodation appropriately referred to as Robinson accommodation. They are known for their remote location, usually in seclusion on a barely habited island or deep in the woods far from civilization. The name is inspired by Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe, a novel about a castaway who spends 28 years on a remote deserted island, published in 1719.

From what we can tell, the Robinson accommodation is a uniquely Croatian offering, which has become increasingly popular in recent years. It has its own special classification with the government that allows for a lack of modern conveniences like running water or electricity. However, that doesn’t mean all of them are off-grid.

In this post, we’ve culled a batch of Robinson-style treehouses built amongst Croatia’s canopies. All of them offer the comforts of home with the seclusion you crave. If you’d rather go totally off-grid, check out these completely free modern shelters for the long-haul hiker.

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1. Cadmos Village, Komaji

Cadmos Village is an adrenaline park located in the village of Komaji, 25 kilometers from Dubrovnik and 10 kilometers from Cavtat. Within the park, there is a treehouse built in an isolated spot in the woods. It has a bedroom, toilet, and terrace. The house and furniture are all made of wood.

Staying at this treehouse gives you access to the resort’s activities, including an adventure park, zipline, paintball, and shooting. The sea is only a 10-minute drive away. This is a perfect stay if you want to visit Mljet.

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2. Gorski lazi, Tršće

Treehouse Gorski lazi is located in the quiet village of Tršće in Gorski kotar, near the Slovenian border and about 30 kilometers from Rijeka. It is considered a glamping Robinson-style accommodation with remarkable views of the mountains of Gorski kotar.

The house has 4 beds, a kitchen, shower, compost toilet, solar electricity, heating, barbecue, and internet. It also has a big terrace and a garden below. You can visit the nearby adrenaline park, relax at the Dolenjske toplice (spa), or go fishing. The owners can organize excursions if you wish to hike and Risnjak is only 30 minutes away.

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3. Ljubač glamping, Ljubač

For an ultimate nature retreat, visit this forest treehouse. It has a spacious terrace, two cozy bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and a modern bathroom. An additional outdoor kitchen allows you to embrace outdoor living, and you can rent a mobile sauna.

Set amidst a hilly forest landscape, this camp offers a unique and immersive natural experience, perfect for nature enthusiasts. Earth-integrated stairs lead you to your enchanting treehouse, blending seamlessly with the forest’s charm. Paklenica National Park is only a few kilometers away.

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4. New Horizons, Murter

Luxury Tree House New Horizons is a perfect retreat for a lavish getaway on the serene island of Murter in the Šibenik region. This exquisite tree house is nestled just steps away from the pristine beach at an idyllic location.

The house boasts a cozy king-size bed and a private en-suite bathroom with a shower, ensuring a comfortable and intimate stay for two guests. It also offers private parking, breakfast, half board, and activities and excursions.

Tiny tip: The island of Murter is a perfect place to stay for everyone who plans to visit Kornati.

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5. Plitvice Holiday Resort, Grabovac

Plitvice Holiday Resort has 5 tree houses in Grabovac near Plitvice Lakes National Park. All of them are built amongst the treetops and are ideal if you want to stay in nature, but still want to enjoy some luxuries.

Every house offers accommodation for up to 4 people. They have 2 bedrooms, 2 toilets, a living room, and a kitchen. The surrounding nature is ideal for long walks in forests. While staying there, don’t miss visiting Plitvice.

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6. Riverland Mrežnica, Donji Zvečaj

Riverland Mrežnica is located on an island within the river of Mrežnica in Donji Zvečaj, about 70 kilometers from Zagreb. It is a complex of two small wooden houses built in a canopy of trees. To cool off, you can walk out the front door and plop into the river.

Both houses offer accommodation for up to 4 people. They have terraces above the river, solar energy, outdoor showers, and big windows that look out into the wild nature. Almost all of the furniture is handmade.

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7. Tree Elements, Donji Nikšić

If you follow the zero-waste movement, this is the right vacation home for you. Tree Elements is a zero-waste, plastic-free treehouse retreat that aims to inspire ecological, sustainable, and socially conscious travel. Nestled in the heart of the forest near Plitvice lakes, it is ideal for a quiet vacation. You can rent out only the treehouse or the entire property.

A spacious terrace is perfect for yoga, reading, or simply listening to the symphony of birds. The treehouse is fully equipped for long stays, encouraging creativity and relaxation. With neighbors 500 meters away, you can enjoy seclusion while still having the option to connect with civilization.

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8. Treehouse Lika, Drenovec Ladučki

Treehouse Lika resort includes two tree houses within Velebit Nature Park in Drenovec Ladučki. Each house offers accommodation for up to 6 people and has big terraces that look out into the surrounding woods.

The treehouses are only a 20-minute drive from the Adriatic coast, and Plitvice Lakes is a one-hour drive away. This location is ideal for hikers, who can explore some of Velebit’s peaks there.

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9. Treehouse Resnice, Barilović

Treehouse Resnice is located in Barilović, 39 kilometers from Topusko and 32 kilometers from Slunj. This place is perfect for those who truly want to escape the world since it is totally outside of civilization. The only sound you’ll hear is the murmur of the river Mrežnica. The river of Korana is also nearby.

The house is built on wooden beams, nestled between two trees. It is decorated in a rustic style and offers accommodation for 4 people. While civilization may be far away, there are plenty of ways to spend your days, including fishing, walking, rafting, cycling, renting a quad vehicle, and canoeing.

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