Tipping in Croatia

Wages for many Croatian service workers are low, so tipping in Croatia for several professions is customary and is always appreciated. However, the amount of the tip expected is far less than in other western countries.

The jobs for which tipping in Croatia is expected are similar to most other western countries and include: waiters, bartenders, tour guides, hotel staff, general services and housekeepers. It is also proper etiquette to give small tips to taxi cab drivers, apartment doormen, beach vendors, and parking attendants.

Caffe Bars

At bars, round up the bill to an even number or tip 5-10%. Tip in cash, handing the tip directly to the server, or tell the server how much the bill should be (including tip) before he or she makes change. For instance if the bill is 52 kunas and you give the server 60, tell the server to keep the change. If you just go out for a cup of coffe you can leave a kuna or two to round up your bill. However, it is not unusual to not tip on one coffee.

Amount to tip at caffe bars: 5% – 10%


Before you offer a tip in any restaurant, look at the bill first to see if a tip has already been applied. While not every restaurant uses the same language, typically the bill will say “Napojnica uračunata u cijenu” if gratuity is already included in the bill. While it is not very common to include gratuity, it is important to always check.

Tipping on a credit card is highly unusual in Croatia. In most restaurants you won’t find any routine way to add a tip on the bill and many people will not know what to do if you ask them to do it. If you do manage to add a tip to the credit card charge, the money probably won’t come back to the waiting staff anyway so avoid this option.

The classical way to go about this is to leave cash on the table. Your receipt will usually come in either a receipt-wallet, or a small plate of some kind. After you pay for the meal, drop the tip there. This will ensure that the waiter who served you will collect the tip before clearing the table for the next customers.

Amount to tip at restaurants: 5% – 15%


Tips are not required, but if you are staying in a classy enough establishment to have a porter or daily maid service, then you may want to give them a small token of your appreciation. Fifteen to 20 kuna for taking a few bags up to your room or for the maid each day is sufficient to ensure happy staff and a thoroughly cleaned room.

Amount to tip at hotels: 5%

Tour Guides

Ten to 15 kunas per person is a nice tip that will be appreciated by the guide. If you have an exceptional experience (like you might have with our friends over at the Game of Thrones Tour) then definitely feel free to give more. There isn’t really a standard amount, it all depends on your guide and how much you enjoy their services. It also depends on the length of the tour and the cost of the tour. If the tour is 650 kuna per person, a tip of at least 50 kuna per person is reasonable.

Amount to tip tour guides: 10% – 15%


Taxis in Croatia do not expect tips and usually operate on a meter. Therefore, if locals choose to tip at all, they may round a couple of kuna up to make a convenient amount. You can do the same as a visitor, but if you take a longer trip and it was a pleasant one, you may want to add a little more and make the tip around ten per cent.

Amount to tip taxi drivers: 0% – 10%


It is customary and expected to tip your crew, as gratuities represent about 30% to 50% of their income. The amount should be between 5% to 15% of the cost of your cruise. So if your charter cost 10,000 kuna and you are satisfied of the service you received, you are expected to give a gratuity between 500 and 1,500 kuna. This is a significant amount of money but crews usually deserve this, as their job is very hard. Much harder than it looks. So make sure you compute the gratuity in your vacation cost.

Amount to tip skippers: 5% – 15%

Tattoo Artists

Tipping is not required but tips for exceptional service can be offered – it is up to you. 15% – 20% would be more than adequate. If your artist was amazing and you feel compelled to leave something extra it should be fine – but make sure they are comfortable accepting and if they refuse, then be gracious about it.

Amount to tip tattoo artists: 15% – 20%

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