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ATP – Šibenik’s public bus system

ATP Sibenik bus
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Public bus transportation in Šibenik is provided by the private company Autotransport Šibenik (ATP Šibenik). Daily bus lines cover all urban and suburban neighborhoods. The buses also drive to popular beaches like Solaris and Brodarica.

In addition to bus transport for the city of Šibenik, Autotransport Šibenik also covers county transport, inter-county transport, and inter-state transport.

Šibenik bus schedules

You may search the bus lines to get the departure times on the home page of the ATP Šibenik web site. To get started, use the drop down menus on their home page (which are all in Croatian).

First, select “Odaberite tip linije”, which means “Select line type”. Within that menu, you will then have three options:

  • Međugradski prijevoz (intercity transport)
  • Prigradski prijevoz (suburban transport)
  • Gradski prijevoz (city transport)

Bus schedules for Sibenik

The current schedule for city bus lines can be downloaded here and here. Be sure to check the schedule before taking the bus if you’re not familiar with it because some lines don’t run on holidays and weekends.

The current schedule for the county bus lines can be found here.

Bus tickets and prices

Tickets for public transport in Šibenik are charged according to the travel destination. Monthly ticket users can travel anywhere within the zones and destinations specified.

Single Bus Ride Tickets

The price of a bus ticket for a one way ride to the below destinations costs 10 kn per 60-minute ride.

  • Mandalina
  • Meterize
  • Njivice
  • Ražine
  • Šubićevac
  • Vidic

Bus ticket prices for other destinations are as follows:

  • Brodarica – 11 kn
  • Zablaće – 13 kn
  • Jadrija – 15 kn
  • Konjevrate – 19 kn

Monthly Bus Tickets

If you use the bus regularly in Šibenik, you can purchase a BusCARD monthly ticket. This ticket can be used for rides in Zone 1 and specific bus lines.

Prices for the BusCARD monthly tickets are as follows:

  • A student – 198 kn
  • A worker – 286 kn
  • Retired person – 80 kn
  • Retired person (2nd household member) – 60 kn

City buses have installed devices used for selling paper tickets and electronic card validation for both monthly tickets and paper tickets.

Autotransport Sibenik bus
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Ticket Offices

When traveling outside the city, you may buy a ticket and/or make a seat reservation at two ticket offices:

Šibenik – Main bus station

Address: Draga 14, 22000 Šibenik
Telephone: +385 (0)22 216 444


Address: Artina bb, 22211 Vodice
Telephone: +385 (0)22 443 627

Querks of the Šibenik bus system

Citizens often complain about public transport in Šibenik. They say that it is unreliable, buses are often late, and sometimes they don’t show up at all. The existing public transport system isn’t functional, so don’t be surprised if you run into a problem.

Šibenik is one of the few cities that does not have public transport owned and operated by the city. At the moment, the city is in the process of setting up a communal city transport company that would handle public transportation in Šibenik. This new public transport will use alternative energy sources.

Main bus station – Autobusni kolodovor Šibenik

The main bus station in Šibenik is located at Draga 14, approximately 300 meters from the seafront and an 8-minute walk from the city center. Inside of the main bus station is a waiting room, cafes, a fast food restaurant, and newsstands.

Address: Draga 14, 22000, Šibenik
Phone: +385 (0)60 368 368

Other public transportation systems in Croatia

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