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We are excited to share our dedicated Services section with you. Many of these services are shared within our vast database of blog posts as well, but on this page we’ve listed all the ways we can help make your life in Croatia easier – all in one place.

Expat in Croatia is dedicated to giving back and supporting the Croatian community. In keeping with this objective, most of these services support Croatian-owned small businesses. We have carefully vetted a network of English-speaking Croatian professionals around the country skilled in law, real estate, translation, accounting and tax.

We are always happy to help make your life in Croatia easier. 🙂

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service citizenship
Application for Croatian Citizenship (based on descent)

If you have a Croatian ancestor, then you may qualify to apply for Croatian citizenship based on Article 11 of the Citizenship Act. We can help validate your claim as well as connect you to a vetted expert who can prepare your application from beginning to end.

expatincroatia lawyer network map
Vetted legal assistance

When you use any of our lawyers, you also get a dedicated Expat in Croatia caseworker who will be there with you along the way to make sure you’re getting everything you need. We are proud to be the first to offer this type of service in Croatia.

Our Consulting Service is Changing Horizontal
Coaching with Expat in Croatia

Get personalized expert assistance on all things Croatia during a 1-on-1 session to save you researching time, help you avoid road blocks and assist you in spotting red flags to make your transition to Croatia as seamless as possible.

zagreb ban jelacic
Personal relocation assistance

If you’re looking for personalized assistance with living in Croatia, our relocation specialists can help you with anything you might need on the ground in Croatia including finding an apartment or the right doctor.

service research
Research anything you wish

Research is our forte. If you need to find something out, we can find it out for you – quickly with as much detail as humanly possible.

services birth certificate
Obtain Croatian birth certificates

If you plan to apply for citizenship based on descent, you’ll need the birth certificate of your ancestor. Older records are not digitized and can be much harder to find.

service wedding
Assistance with wedding planning and paperwork

Eliminate the bureaucratic stress of your big day by speaking to our wedding expert. We can answer questions, help sort out documents, guide on tricky timelines, connect you with local vendors, and make planning your wedding in Croatia a breeze.

eu residence
Concierge and personal assistance

Schedule an introduction with Expat in Croatia To schedule a meet-and-greet with us over Zoom, contact us using the below contact form. Reviews from our happy clients Read our latest reviews below. Ready to get started? Click here.

service temp res
Application for temporary residence in Croatia

There are many paths to temporary residence in Croatia. We can help you figure out the right path for you. Then, we can connect you with a vetted lawyer who can handle the entire process on your behalf.

service cit registration
Register Croatian Citizenship (for minors with Croatian parents)

If your child was board abroad and one parent held Croatian citizenship at the time of your child’s birth, then you may qualify to register your child for Croatian citizenship. We can help validate your claim as well as connect you to a vetted expert who can prepare your application.

Croatian tax liability evaluation

Croatia’s income tax system is residence-based. That means that anyone residing in Croatia for more than 183 days is obligated to report and potentially pay income tax on their worldwide income.

service buy property
Buy property in Croatia

Buying property in Croatia can get sticky, so it is vital that you have a skilled advocate who is protecting your interests.

service last will
Preparation of a Croatian will (oporuka)

Anyone who owns a property or business, or has no family in Croatia must have a will prepared according to Croatian law. Without one, it could lead to litigation between heirs or your property will go to the state.

20221027 141758 scaled
Importing a car

Importing a car is a complex procedure. We can walk you through the process, answer your questions and connect you with a vetted logistics company for the actual move.

dog e1712319621723
Bring your pet to Croatia

Traveling with your fur baby can be stressful. Not only do you have to secure their mode of transportation, but you must also ensure they meet all requirements for entry into Croatia. We can help make your pet’s move as smooth as possible!

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