Assistance with wedding planning and paperwork

Preparing to marry in Croatia is tedious, whether you live in Croatia or are planning a destination wedding. As we’ve explained above, the necessary paperwork can vary depending on your nationalities and the location in Croatia where you wish to marry, and quite frankly, to complicate things more, the requirements can differ between registrar offices.

No need to stress though, let us help you right from the start.  During your 30 minute chat with our wedding expert, we can answer all of your questions, help you sort out exactly what documents you need to provide, guide you on timelines (they can be tricky), connect you with local vendors, and make planning your wedding in Croatia a breeze.

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What is the cost?

The cost for this consultation and guidance service is 150 euro VAT included (25% tax mandated by the Croatian government).

What is included?

A 30 minute consulting call with our wedding (and bureaucracy) expert who will give you advice based on your specific situation and needs to help you navigate your Croatian nuptials.

An additional 30 minutes of follow up personal research on whichever point you decide to be of utmost importance. It could be about the destination, the venue, photographer, attire… We will put together a list of vendors specifically for you.  You won’t get a google listing from us – we will call and vet each referral personally before they get added to your list.

As an added bonus, you will also receive a customized Croatian wedding checklist covering all the wedding & bureaucratic “must dos” before you can say “I do”.

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