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Application for temporary residence in Croatia

This service supports Croatian-owned businesses.

Croatia offers a variety of ways for people (including citizens from outside the EU) to live in Croatia legally for up to one year, and in some cases longer.

There are many reasons someone can apply for temporary residence in Croatia, including:

  • Being an EU/EEA citizen
  • Being a family member of an EU/EEA or Croatia citizen
  • Being a digital nomad
  • Having a work contract with a Croatian company
  • Owning real estate
  • Prepaying rent
  • Holding permanent residence in another EU/EEA member country
  • Performing scientific research
  • Being a student
  • Volunteering
  • Owning your own company

We can help you gain temporary residence in Croatia

Applying for residence in Croatia can be a bit tricky because most of the people who work in immigration will not speak English to applicants. In addition, these same people operate with their own discretion, so two people from the same country applying on the same basis may be held to two different standards and required to provide different things. Sometimes they will even be asked to provide documents they know do not exist.

Immigration is still a new concept in Croatia, so the system is not yet streamlined or standardized for easy processing. For these reasons, we recommend that first-time applicants use a lawyer when applying for residency in Croatia. Lawyers have connections within immigration, are able to skip common roadblocks and can identify any risks with your application. In addition, it is rare that the police (who handle immigration) will speak English to applicants.

Our expat-vetted network can review your situation and quickly determine if you qualify for residency, all in English. If you do qualify, they can also handle your residency application from beginning to end. This service includes:

  • Personalized consulting on your specific situation
  • Confirming latest immigration requirements for your nationality and basis
  • Assistance with putting together necessary documents
  • Preparation/review of rental, volunteer or property contracts
  • All communication with the police on your behalf
  • Assembly, submission and monitoring of your application
  • Answering questions and assisting you throughout the process

What does the process look like?

The first step is to complete the form below so that we can better understand your situation. Next, Expat in Croatia will help validate your basis for residence.

If you meet the qualifications for residence, we will provide you with the estimated cost of what a lawyer would charge to prepare your application. If you wish to move forward, we’ll then connect you with a vetted lawyer in Croatia best suited to handle your case.

The lawyer will schedule a FREE consultation with you to learn more about your situation. Based on this consultation, they will give you the exact cost for handling the residence application for yourself (or your family).

Everything up to this point is completely free and without obligation.

Start your journey towards living in Croatia now

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