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If you’re looking for personalized expert assistance with living in Croatia, our relocation specialist Lucija Perić can help you with anything you might need on the ground in Croatia.

Born and raised near Split, Lucija has spent most of her life in Zagreb, as well as Germany and Serbia. She has been helping foreigners navigate the Croatian system and get settled in the Split area since 2018.

From her time living abroad, she knows how hard it can be setting up life in a new country, or even after returning to one’s home country after living abroad.

Lucija’s clients benefit from her extensive experience with Croatian bureaucracy (as well as bureaucracies abroad), back door connections and knowledge of how to get things done in this country where too often it feels like things can never been done. Whether it’s communicating with the police or negotiating with a landlord, Lucija is fully dedicated to understanding your needs, informing you of all possibilities and risks, providing detailed updates throughout the process and eliminating as much stress as possible.

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How we can help

Lucija can help you with most in-person tasks or situations in which a power of attorney is not required.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Accompaniment and interpretation
  • Translation coordination
  • Calls, scheduling and booking arrangements
  • Research
  • Recommendations
  • Coordination
  • Follow ups

Example situations in which we can help:

  • Communicating with the government offices
  • Signing up for state health insurance
  • Finding an apartment and negotiating with the landlord
  • Scheduling salon appointments
  • Booking travel
  • Importing cars and belongings including coordination with customs
  • Introducing you to vetted professionals like lawyers, real estate agencies, translators, accountants and tax advisors

How does it work?

To get started, please complete the below form so we can get to know you a bit. Lucija will reach out to schedule a free 15-minute call to meet you. The purpose of this call is for Lucija to get a better understanding of your needs. Based on this call, we will determine how we can help and the associated cost.

This introductory call is not a consulting session. If you’re looking for a consulting session where you can ask questions, then this service is a better fit. Local assistance is for in person on-the-ground help and coordination.

You can read reviews from people Lucija has helped below.


Local assistance is 60euros per hour including PDV during business hours. Rate increases to 75euros including PDV per hour on holidays and outside of business hours.

We also offer packages that include free hours for prepayment. List of packages can be provided on request.

How to get started

First, we will schedule a free 15-minute call to meet you and get an understanding of your needs. Based on that call, we will determine how we can help and estimate how much time might be required for your needs. Then we will let you know next steps so you can make a decision on how you’d like to move forward.

Please note:

Please note: All information provided by Expat in Croatia is only for the purposes of guidance. It does not constitute legal advice in any form. For legal advice, you must consult with a licensed Croatian lawyer. We can always introduce you to expat-vetted lawyers, by request.

Schedule an introduction with Lucija

To schedule a meet-and-greet with Lucija over Zoom, contact us using the below contact form.

Browse reviews from Lucija’s happy clients

Gregory  & Oksana S.

Gregory & Oksana S.

United States

star solid star solid star solid star solid star solid

Professional Assistance

This review is a tad late but we wanted to make 100% sure we thanked our friends in Split Croatia who helped us realize our dreams during a very stressful period in our lives. In early 2022, Oksana and I were left homeless because of the war in Ukraine. We contacted Ms Peric and the folks at Expat in Croatia. Lucija immediately found us an apartment that was centrally located in the city center of Split. From there, she organized showings of local apartments and homes for us to rent. She found us the perfect place for us to live. She located a small but perfectly situated home on the outskirts of Split. Lucija organized all of our contractual papers with the city, our immigration documents with the police and coordinated the entire rental agreement with the landlord, as well as setting up our utility services. Life marches on, and we have since relocated to the USA. Even so, we are so in love with the Croatia lifestyle that we are going to look at buying a new or used home, or possibly lease a home long-term. Awesome job and thank you Ms Lucija Peric!

Taylor B.

Taylor B.

United States

star solid star solid star solid star solid star regular

Professional Assistance

I needed help with finding an apartment when I moved to Split and Lucija found a great apartment for me and made the process very stress-free. She was there for finding my apartment, working with the landlord, getting the lease motorized, and address registered with the police. When it was time for me to apply for the Digital Nomad permit, all of my apartment paperwork was squared away. Lucija has a great knowledge of the systems here in Croatia and she made the whole process less stressful for me, can’t recommend her enough!

David S.

David S.

United States

star solid star solid star solid star solid star regular

Professional Assistance

The entire crew was very professional. Sara has great enthusiasm for her work and has recruited a great team. Lucija has provided timely and consistent support for many matters big and small. Even though I have lived as an expat in a few different countries before, this is first experience as a retiree, without an employer doing all the background work. Not sure how I would have done it without Lucija.

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