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Most Croatian citizens have a Croatian birth certificate, even if they were born abroad. Having a copy of your birth certificate is helpful if you wish to apply for a passport or national ID (called “osobna iskaznica”).

If you do not yet have Croatian nationality but plan to apply for citizenship, then you may need to obtain the Croatian birth certificate of your family member to be included in your application. For citizenship applications, new birth certificates must be obtained as they show both proof of birth and nationality.

It is possible to request these birth certificates abroad from an embassy or consulate, however using this route can take months. The fastest way to obtain a birth record in Croatia is to use a vetted Croatian lawyer who can act on your behalf using power of attorney. They can locate the record within Croatia, then obtain as many copies as you need for your citizenship application.

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For those abroad, we recommend using a Croatian lawyer specializing in citizenship to obtain birth certificates as it is simply the fastest method. In addition, older records are not digitized and can be much harder to find. Having someone on the ground in Croatia to research your ancestor will give you the best chance of finding the birth certificates you need.

Sara Dyson, creator of Expat in Croatia, has personally vetted a network of lawyers across Croatia that are specialized and experienced in citizenship and nationality. All of them speak excellent English and are currently helping people across the world obtain Croatian birth certificates and apply for Croatian nationality.

What does the process look like?

The first step is to complete the form below so that we can better understand your situation and needs. Next, Expat in Croatia will help validate your request and provide you with an estimate of the cost. The cost is determined by the age of the birth record. Older records prior to World War I are not digitized and are held either by the national archive or the local church.

If you wish to move forward, we’ll then connect you with an expat-vetted lawyer in Croatia best suited to locate the birth certificate. The lawyer will schedule a FREE consultation with you to learn more about your family member. Based on this consultation, they will give you the exact cost for locating the birth record. They can also help you prepare your entire citizenship application too.

Everything up to this point is completely free and without obligation.

If you’re ready to take the first steps towards obtaining a Croatian birth record, complete the form below.

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Damien N.

Damien N.

United States

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Introduced to a Professional

My experience with Lorena and Josip was fantastic- they made a complicated process very easy, from start to finish. Very professional and great communication. I wasn’t too sure how I was going to be able to find my great grandfather’s birth certificate from 1886! They knew exactly what to do, where to go and how to get everything I needed for my dual citizenship application. Without their help this would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible to accomplish. I would highly recommend working with Josip and Lorena at EIC- they really are the best!

Carol W.

Carol W.


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My husband and I are looking to obtain our Croatian citizenship through heritage. CAM was exceptional and was extremely informative about the process required, timelines, contact people, both in Croatia and at home, lawyers and services offered by Expat in Croatia. She was able to easy our anxiety and we felt that we will have solid support and direction going forward. She was professional and friendly. Thank you CAM for your support.

Shawn H.

Shawn H.

South Africa

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Consulting, Introduced to a Professional

We needed to know the ins and outs about moving to Croatia. Our first contact we made was with CAM, then had the consult with Sara, then had Steven be our case manager. We had superb service from all three individuals, they really know the meaning of customer service, with great continued follow up after our first consult, prior planning to our meeting and immediately providing us with follow up docs after our consult based on our relevant questions, and connection made with external professionals who form part of the EIC team to further support us on our journey. Great team, can definitely recommend them.

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