Importing a car

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If you’re moving to Croatia and wish to bring your car, we highly suggest getting help with the process. It is a complex procedure, a lot of documentation is required, and you’ll need to coordinate both with a logistics company as well as Croatian customs – with no guarantee anyone will speak English to you.

We can walk you through the entire process – whether it’s guiding you on necessary documents, connecting you with our vetted mobility specialist to coordinating with customs and on your behalf, we will be by your side throughout the entire procedure.

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What is the cost?

The cost for this consultation is 150 euro VAT included (25% tax mandated by the Croatian government).

What is included?

A 30-minute consulting call with our bureaucracy expert, who will provide advice based on your specific situation and importing needs.

After your consulting session you will also receive:

  • an additional 30 minutes of personal research service to provide further information based on your specific import needs.
  • a follow up email with additional resources based on our conversation.
  • a personal introduction to our vetted mobility specialist at no additional cost.

You can view our last few reviews here or all of our reviews here.

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