Preparation of a Croatian will (oporuka)

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Having a last will is helpful to anyone you leave behind. If there is no will or a will is not prepared properly, it could result in years of grief, litigation and bad blood between heirs.

Below are the cases when you should absolutely have a will:

  • If you own property
  • If you own a business
  • If you have no family in Croatia

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What you should know

Foreigners must keep in mind that if they do not have heirs living in Croatia, the Croatian government will not go looking for your heirs abroad if you do not have a defined will recognized in Croatia. This means your property will be given to the state.

Without a will, you cannot choose who will get what.

Having a will without property definition under Croatian law initiates a complex process of determining jurisdiction and legal system priority based on bilateral agreements and national laws of Croatia and your country of citizenship.

How we can help

If you need help writing a last will or need a legal professional to review a will for validity against Croatian law, our vetted lawyer network can help.

We have English-speaking lawyers across Croatia that can answer your questions and protect your interests. You’ll also get an Expat in Croatia advocate who will be there for you along the way to make sure you’re getting everything you need.

They can:

  • Prepare your last will
  • Review an existing will
  • Legally represent heirs during inheritance procedures
  • Make sure everything goes smoothly with notary public (who handles inheritance)
  • Handle title/deed changes
  • Prepare contracts and agreements between heirs
  • Advise on rights
  • Advise on debts
  • Officially register the will
  • Organize witnesses (witnesses cannot be an heir or benefit from will)

Get started with safeguarding your assets

To get help with a last will, contact us using the below form. Once of our Expat in Croatia advocates will be in touch shortly to connect you with a vetted lawyer best suited to your case and location.

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