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Our Consulting Service is Changing Horizontal

If you’re looking for personalized assistance with your Croatian living experience, you can schedule a private consulting session with Expat in Croatia.

In just one session, we can save you weeks of researching and help you avoid road blocks and red flags.

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How does it work?

All first-time clients get 30 minutes with an Expat in Croatia consultant PLUS 30 minutes with a vetted English-speaking lawyer from our network.

Repeat clients can book a 30-minute session with an EIC consultant as a stand-alone appointment.

During your chat with us, we will answer all of your questions about Croatia. You can tap into our expertise on anything you want; whether it be residency, citizenship, healthcare, buying property, letting accommodation, operating a business, what it’s like to live here, personal experiences with bureaucracy, or cultural nuance. It’s all tailored to you.

In addition, you’ll receive a follow up with additional resources based on your situation, Sara’s Croatia Restaurant Guide as well as introductions to vetted professionals like insurance, law, real estate, translation and tax.

All legal advice will be handled by our vetted lawyer network. We can help you with everything else.

Appointments will be scheduled over Zoom.

We have an extensive page of Frequently Asked Questions about this service here.

Who will I speak with?

Expat in Croatia has two experienced consultants, Sara Dyson and Carol Anne Škorvaga. You may choose your consultant.

Carol Anne Škorvaga, known to us as “CAM”, is a first-generation Croatian-Canadian living in Jastrebarsko with her family. She grew up entrenched in the Croatian community surrounded by culture and folklore, attended Croatian school in Canada and then returned to Zagreb to attend Filozofski Fakultet. CAM is fluent in Croatian and has firsthand knowledge of being both a Canadian expat and a Croatian returnee, building a home in Croatia and being a parent with children in local schools.

Meet CAM in this quick 2-minute video here.

Sara Dyson is the founder of Expat in Croatia. She has lived in Split, Croatia as a US citizen since 2012 and experienced first-hand applying for temporary residence, long-term residence and Croatian citizenship. She’s also operated 2 companies, purchased a home, and written about Croatia and its bureaucracy extensively since 2013. Her application is citizenship is based on her work through Expat in Croatia. Read Sara’s full bio here.

Meet Sara in this quick 2-minute video here.

What is the cost?

The below costs are per 30 minutes and include VAT (25% tax mandated by the Croatian government). If additional time is requested, it is billed in ¼ hour increments.

First-time clients automatically get an extra 30 minutes with an English-speaking lawyer from our vetted network.

Carol Anne Škorvaga

  • First-time clients  |  150 euros (includes session with lawyer)
  • Repeat clients  |  75 euros

Sara Dyson

  • First-time clients  |  250 euros (includes session with lawyer)
  • Repeat clients  |  150 euros

It takes a tremendous amount of hands-on, human work to research and vet our information that we provide during sessions. This process includes extensive web research, phone calls to the government, collaboration with licensed Croatian professionals, and visits to government offices.

It’s not something that ChatGPT can do. We must employ skilled, full-time employees who live in Croatia and that comes with a cost.

Reviews from our clients

“Sara’s knowledge of Croatia is nothing short of encyclopaedic. I achieved so much more clarity in just a single session, and I would not hesitate to another if needed. Invaluable.” – Todd, United Kingdom

“During our call, Sara patiently answered all of my questions and provided me with invaluable information that would have taken hours to sort through elsewhere. She was thorough, professional, and incredibly helpful throughout our entire conversation.” – LeAnn, United States

You can view our last few reviews here or all of our reviews here.

Ready to book?

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Browse 216 reviews from my happy clients

Shawn H.

Shawn H.

South Africa

star solid star solid star solid star solid star solid

Consulting, Introduced to a Professional

We needed to know the ins and outs about moving to Croatia. Our first contact we made was with CAM, then had the consult with Sara, then had Steven be our case manager. We had superb service from all three individuals, they really know the meaning of customer service, with great continued follow up after our first consult, prior planning to our meeting and immediately providing us with follow up docs after our consult based on our relevant questions, and connection made with external professionals who form part of the EIC team to further support us on our journey. Great team, can definitely recommend them.

Mary L.

Mary L.

United States

star solid star solid star solid star solid star regular


For my consulting session with Sara, I had questions about establishing residency, and also some questions about Healthcare. I sent in questions to her ahead of time so that my session was customized for my needs. Sara had all of those questions noted and was very prepared to elaborate on each one of them and more. I felt confident on the information that was provided and when I had a follow-up questions she was able to easily answer those for me as well. Sara is very personable and approachable in her demeanor which made the meeting enjoyable. I have been following EIC for a few years now and I am always so impressed by the wealth of information that is out there for all of us “seekers”. In addition, the pre-session communication by CAM was very efficient and much appreciated. I have already recommended Expat in Croatia to friends and family members in need of information. Thank you!

Natalie N.

Natalie N.

United States

star solid star solid star solid star solid star regular

Consulting, Introduced to a Professional

My husband and I met consulted with Expat in Croatia in order to learn about obtaining Croatian citizenship. We met with Sara Dyson initially and she was able to answer all of our general questions with regard to citizenship. She also put us in contact with our attorney, Ines, in order to begin the application process. I was very pleased with Sara’s expertise on the matter. Our attorney, Ines, was very thorough and professional. She clearly explained the process step by step and answered all of our questions and concerns throughout the entire process. Our appointment with the Chicago consulate went very smoothly and it was all thanks to Ines’ hard work! We couldn’t be more pleased with the experience and I would recommend Expat in Croatia and their professionals to anyone looking into Croatian citizenship.

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