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Need help buying real estate in Croatia?

If you need help purchasing a property, we can help! We have carefully vetted a network of real estate lawyers who can help you buy real estate in Croatia safely with confidence.

Buying property in Croatia can get sticky, so it is vital that you have a skilled advocate who is looking after your interests.

Real estate agents usually have an existing network of lawyers that they work with. However, those lawyers are focused on the interests of the real estate agency first and the seller second. The buyer is an afterthought.

As the buyer, it’s imperative to have your own lawyer to protect your interests.

“I was looking for information and advice about buying property in Croatia. I contacted Expat in Croatia and the team was really helpful and responsive. They also directed me to a lawyer whom we used. Everything went smoothly and it was reassuring to have received advice from local expats.”

Maryjane D., France

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How we can help

We have carefully vetted a network of lawyers across Croatia specialized and experienced in property law. All of them speak excellent English and are currently helping people across the world apply for buy property and sort out real estate issues.

For one flat rate, they can:

  • Answer all of your property questions
  • Find property records
  • Clean property titles
  • Help you purchase a property and represent you during the process
  • Ensure you are not taken advantage of by property sellers
  • Prepare and review contracts
  • Get approval by the Ministry of Justice (for non-EU/EEA citizens)
  • Change ownership records with the land registry
  • Engage local contractors and interior designers

To get started, please share your situation with us using the below form. One of our advocates will then reach out and match you with the right person best suited to your needs.

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