How to get school books for your children

School books in Croatia
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At the beginning of each school year, you must procure school books for your children. Usually, you need to get the books before school starts or during the first weeks of the school year. Books usually do sell out and can be hard to get after the start of the year.

Some books are printed specifically for the exact number of children enrolled at the beginning of the year, so it is better to buy them as soon as possible. The government and the school usually publish the list of school books before the school year starts.


How to get school books for your children in Croatia

From 2019, all the školski udžbenici (school books) for children in primary school or below are free of charge, i.e. the Croatian government pays for them. This refers to school books for both obavezni predmeti (obligatory school subjects) and izborni predmeti (optional school subjects).

School books for high school students are not free of charge and parents must buy them at the beginning of the year. Zagreb is an exception where all the books for high school students are free.

Parents must also buy additional nastavni materijal (school teaching material) for their children. Additional teaching materials may include:

  • Radne bilježnice (workbooks)
  • Zbirke zadataka (task collections)
  • Atlasi (atlases)
  • Likovne mape (art maps), etc.

However, some cities provide free workbooks for their students, such as Zagreb and Karlovac. If you are a parent, best to check out whether your child’s school provides free workbooks or not before purchasing them.

School books can be bought at:

It is useful to know that new school book editions are very often printed year after year. Sometimes a new edition differs from an old one by only a few sentences. Some professors or schools insist on new editions so that children are up-to-date and learn according to the newest curriculum.

However, sometimes this doesn’t make sense because several new paragraphs in the book won’t significantly impact their learning and school books are not cheap. The cost of books can increase 1500 to 2000 kuna per year depending on the subject and grade level. In the end, the decision depends on the school and school professors.

Useful tip: You can save money by borrowing school books for your children from other families. After you get the list of school books, compare the list with friends and family to see if perhaps you can use old editions or if you need to buy new ones.

You may be able to borrow at least a few. Ask for help from your friends who have older children or simply tell everyone that you want to borrow books for your kid. The earlier you do this, the better. Best to plan long before the new school year starts.

Have you had any trouble finding books for your kids in Croatia? Share your experience in the comments.

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