Guide on public transport in Rijeka, Croatia

Public bus in Rijeka, Croatia

UPDATED: 12.7.2023.

Public transport in the city of Rijeka, Croatia is carried out by a carrier called KD Autotrolej. The KD Autrolej buses are recognizable because of their orange color.

Public bus transportation in Rijeka is divided into 4 zones. City transport is carried out on 18 lines covering the entire urban area of Rijeka.

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Public bus transport in Rijeka, Croatia

Bus zones of Rijeka’s public transport

There are 4 bus zones in the Rijeka bus system. Those zones and the corresponding bus lines are shown below.

You can download the bus zone map for Rijeka here.

Bus zone map of Rijeka
Image by Autotrolej

Main bus station in Rijeka, Croatia

The main bus stops in Rijeka for public transport are Jelačić Square (view map) and Delta Terminal (view map). They connect all parts of the city of Rijeka, including the surrounding places like Grahovo and Bastava.

Types of tickets for Rijeka public transport

Prices and types of bus tickets are one-way, two-way, daily, and weekly passes, with monthly and annual passes available as well. One-way tickets can be purchased directly from the bus driver. The tickets must be paid for in cash.

After purchasing a ticket, it is necessary to time stamp it in the ticket stamping device, which is usually immediately behind the driver. The ticket can be used in one direction of travel, and the passenger has the right to change several buses, provided they do not exceed the driving time limit.

The time limit for a bus ticket for the first zone is 60 minutes, the second zone is 70 minutes, the third zone is 90 minutes, and the fourth zone is 130 minutes.

Two-way travel tickets can be purchased at a kiosk (booth) and in KD Autotrolej offices. The same rules and time limit apply as with one-way travel tickets that are bought directly on the bus.

The prices for various types of Rijeka public transport tickets are available here.

The price list for monthly tickets is available here and annual tickets here.

Day ticket

The passenger is obliged to time stamp the ticket at the entrance of the bus in the stamping machine. It is valid for 24 hours from the stamping for an unlimited number of trips within the zone for which the ticket was purchased. The tickets are portable and can be used by more people during the day.

Weekly ticket

It is valid for an unlimited number of trips within 7 days of first stamping. The ticket is personalized by first and last name and can’t be shared.

Where to buy city transport tickets in Rijeka, Croatia

You can buy bus tickets at:

  • KD Autotrolej at Jelačić Square (view map)
  • iNovine booth
  • Tisak booth
  • Online here – you must register and log in

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Rijeka public transport schedules

City bus lines and schedules of Rijeka city transport are available here.

Suburban bus lines and schedules of Rijeka public transport are available here.

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