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Public Transport in Osijek

Osijek is the largest city in Slavonia and the fourth largest city in Croatia. Osijek is truly unique as it is the city with the most green areas and parks in Croatia. It’s historical sites include Tvrđa fortress and the old city center.

Public transport in Osijek

The public transport of passengers in Osijek is carried out by the city-based company “Gradski Prijevoz Putnika Osijek”(GPP). Public transport in Osijek dates back to 1884, when trams and horseshoe trains were in use long before the rest of Europe. The transportation is well organized and covers the entire city with two tram and eight bus lines.

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Tickets for Public City Transport

The Value Card or Butra is a contactless, prepaid card limited by the amount of money paid. One ride is valid for 60 minutes. When switching to another bus, the card has to be checked in and checked out on the card machine. It can be purchased in GPP business premises for 20 kuna activation plus the value you want to add or GPP vehicles and business premises of legal entities with which GPP has a ticket sales contract for the price of 40 kuna (20 kuna activation and 20 kuna initial value).

The card can also be redeemed during the warranty period at one of the selling points with a presentation of the invoice, whereby the passenger is returned the remaining value on the card and the amount of activation or only the remaining amount of activation if the card is in the red.

A single ticket can be bought from the driver and is valid for one ride (60 min duration) in any direction.

The daily card is a paper ticket valid for an unlimited number of rides in both trams and buses and through all zones on the day of purchase.

Ticket prices can be found here and information about GPP selling points and their opening hours here.

Bus Station

The main bus station is located at Bartol Kašić 70, near the railway station. Next to the station, there is a tram stop where Tram Number 2 stops and a bus stop where Buses 2 and 7A stop. The Osijek main bus station is also the most organized station in Croatia. It was built in 2011 and its architects have received numerous awards for its design.

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