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Psihomodo Pop - Lead singer Davor Gobac
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Psihomodo pop is a popular Croatian rock band that formed in 1983 under the former Yugoslavia and still makes music to this day. The band’s opus is mostly comprised of rock, punk rock, and pop-punk.

From the start, the band became popular very quickly and grew a large fanbase. Psihomodo pop is known for its remarkably energetic gigs and heavy sound. Davor Gobac, their charismatic frontman, is an audience favorite and an icon of the band.

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Croatian music guide on Psihomodo pop

Psihomodo pop beginnings

Before Psihomodo pop, the original band was called Neron. Neron’s members were Tigran Kalebota – Tigi on drums and Smiljan Paradiš – Šparka on the bass guitar and back vocals.

When Davor Gobac and Neven Kepeski – Kepa joined the band on guitar and vocals, the band changed its name to Psihomodo pop. The name was inspired by the album Psychomodo by Cockney Rebel, an English glam rock band from the early 1970s.

In 1985, Saša Novak Radulović – Sale joined the band and replaced Kepa. In 1987, Vlatko Čavar – Brada joined the band as a second guitarist.

The band released its first demo album called Godina zmaja in 1988, which became very popular throughout Yugoslavia.

The band officially blew up when it was selected as one of the six best rock bands at the Dutch rock festival Grote prijs of Netherland in 1988.  Six hundred bands competed for this award.

How Psihomodo pop made it big

The success at Grote prijs put them on MTV’s radar. MTV then aired their music video for the song called Ja volim samo sebe (I love only myself). This was the first Yugoslavian music video shown on MTV.

In the following years, Psihomodo pop toured all over the Netherlands and the Soviet Union. They also played as an opening band for their idols, including The Ramones in Zagreb and Ljubljana.

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In 1993, the band released their 4th studio album called Srebrne svinje, which has been declared their greatest achievement by music critics. The song called Starfucker from Srebrne svinje won the Porin award and the Oktavijan award.

Sale left the band in 1995, and Jurij Novoselić – Kuzma (originally from Disciplina kičme) took his place. The band setup remained the same until 2018, when Tigi passed away at 54, and Tin Ostreš replaced him on drums.

Staying power of Psihomodo pop

Until 2022, Psihomodo pop has released 12 studio albums, and several live albums and compilations. They are influenced by the Rolling Stones, Lou Reed, Velvet Underground, Iggy & The Stooges, and The Ramones.

With a freakish sense of humor, cheerful presence, and childish spirit, the frontman Davor Gobac became a rock icon leading Psihomodo Pop to cult status in Croatia.

Psihomodo still plays and entertains its fans with positive energetic performances. They have fans from across the spectrum – from children to the elderly. The band still fills concert halls thanks to their youthful approach.

We could say that everyone likes their music. However, this does not mean that they have no specific style. Quite the opposite. Their rock style is recognizable and authentic, and Gobac’s vocal expression is irreplaceable.

Psihomodo Pop band members
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5 Psihomodo pop songs to get you started

#1 Ja volim samo sebe (I love only myself)

#2 Mila (Darling)

#3 Osjećam se haj (I feel high)

#4 Kad sam imao 16 (When I was 16)

#5 Ramona

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