Residential property prices in Croatia’s biggest cities (in 2021)

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The pandemic has been brought many global changes on top of the impacts on the lives of individuals. In Croatia, everyone expected the pandemic and 2020 earthquakes to greatly impact property prices. Specifically, many thought prices would go down as people unloaded properties for which they could no longer afford the mortgage due to a lack of tourism.

That did not come to fruition.

In this post, we will summarize the state and trend of property prices in Croatia. If you’re planning on buying residential real estate in Croatia, then this guide will help set an expectation of how far your money will go.

In this post, we cover:

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Overview of residential real estate in Croatia

Property prices in Croatia

Property prices continue to rise despite the economic situation worsening. The largest increases were recorded in Zagreb and along the Adriatic coast.

Overall, the number of properties sold has reduced. Buyers are more demanding and cautious. They prefer to buy new apartments, which are lacking on the Croatian housing market. Apartments in old buildings are not as desirable due to their instability during the 2020 earthquakes.

Low interests on savings accounts has also had a big impact on sales. Although, interest rates on loans are also very low, in the neighborhood of 2 to 3%. Many Croatian citizens share the opinion that it is better to be an owner of a property than to save money.

The average property price in Croatia is 1.630 € per square meter. However, the price per square meter can vary wildly depending on:

  • Property size
  • Whether or not property has been recently renovated
  • Location
    • City
    • Proximity to the city center
    • Proximity to the sea

To give you a ballpark of what properties may cost, below is our quick pricing guide. We created this with guidance from a real estate agency.

  • 100.000 € (a studio or small 1-bedroom)
  • 200.000 € (a renovated 2-bedroom apartment)
  • 300.000 € to 400.000 € (house, but not seafront)
  • 500.000 € (villa)
  • 600.000 € and above (seafront villa)

Stats on properties sold in Croatia in 2020

  • Average price per square meter of apartments sold in 2020: 12.733,50 kuna
  • Total number of apartments sold in Croatia in 2020: 3.222 (of which 1.705 were sold in Zagreb)

Property prices and trends by city in Croatia

Property prices in Dubrovnik

Property prices in Dubrovnik have decreased in the last two years. From the beginning of 2019, prices of apartments have decreased by 5,22%. Home prices have decreased by 12%, which is a drastic drop. This is a consequence of last year’s weak tourist season.

Average property prices in Dubrovnik

  • Apartments – 3.628 € per square meter
  • Houses – 4.117 € per square meter

Property prices in Osijek

Property prices in Osijek have increased but overall have been stable during the past two years. Prices of apartments have risen by 10%. The increase in home prices was negligible.

Average property prices in Osijek

  • Apartments – 1.063 € per square meter
  • Houses – 731 € per square meter

There is a lack of new apartments in Osijek. In the county of Slavonija, houses can be purchased at prices between 10.000 € and 50.000 €.

Property prices in Rijeka

The pandemic didn’t leave a large mark on property prices in Rijeka. During the past two years, prices of apartments in Rijeka have risen significantly. A rise of 16% was recorded. In contrast, home prices didn’t rise significantly.

Average property prices in Rijeka

  • Apartments – 1.780 € per square meter
  • Houses – 1.473 € per square meter

Property prices in Split

Overall, property prices in Split have increased during the last two years, but they also fluctuated. Currently, home prices are higher than the price of apartments. From 2019, prices of apartments rose 6,85% and home prices rose 4,93%.

Average property prices in Split

  • Apartments – 2.987 € per square meter
  • Houses – 3.122 € per square meter

Prices of apartments located on Žnjan, a beach-side neighborhood towards the edge of Split, have started to rise at an enormous rate. This is due to expensive land, lack of existing infrastructure, and high energy-efficiency standards imposed on new builds.

Property prices in Zadar

Property prices in Zadar have been somewhat stable for the past two years, with few oscillations. Since 2019, prices of apartments increased by 5,86% and home prices by 5,66%.

Average property prices in Zadar

  • Apartments – 2.259 € per square meter
  • Houses – 1.577 € per square meter

Property prices in Zagreb

Regardless of the pandemic, property prices in Zagreb increased over the past two years. Prices of apartments rose by 8,73% and home prices rose by 8,36%.

Prices have decreased only in the city center, because it was most affected by the 2020 earthquakes. The sale of apartments nearly ceased in the city center, but all newly built apartments have sold quickly.

Average property prices in Zagreb

  • Apartments – 2.159,25 € per square meter
  • Houses – 1.368,75 € per square meter

Average prices by neighborhood

  • Brezovica – 1.212,63 € per square meter
  • Donji grad – 2.567,70 € per square meter
  • Jarun – 2.820 € per square meter
  • Maksimir – 2.186,49 € per square meter
  • Ravnice – 2.376 € per square meter
  • Sesvete – 1.456,58 € per square meter
  • Trešnjevka jug – 2.120,00 € per square meter
  • Trešnjevka sjever – 2.201,97 € per square meter
  • Trnje – 2.281,25 € per square meter

Buyers are now more interested in properties outside of the City, for example in Velika Gorica and Sveta Nedelja. The average price of new apartments in Velika Gorica is 1.800 kuna per square meter.

Average property prices in other cities across Croatia

  • Bjelovar = 778 € per square meter
  • Pula = 1.798 € per square meter
  • Senj = 1.566 € per square meter
  • Slavonski Brod = 854 € per square meter
  • Varaždin = 1.293 € per square meter

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Information in this article is mostly based on the newest report on prices of properties published by Njuškalo in February 2021. This report includes an analysis of property prices during the last 2 years. (See our English guide on Njuškalo here.)

Please note: All information provided by Expat in Croatia is only for the purposes of guidance. It does not constitute legal advice in any form. For legal advice, you must consult with a licensed Croatian lawyer. We can recommend one if you contact us.

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