Residential property prices in Croatia’s biggest cities: Guide for 2024

Rooftops of Dubrovnik, Croatia
Rooftops of Dubrovnik, Croatia

UPDATED: 05.23.2023

The pandemic has brought many global changes on top of the impacts on the lives of individuals. In Croatia, everyone expected the pandemic and 2020 earthquakes to greatly impact property prices. Specifically, many thought prices would go down as people unloaded properties for which they could no longer afford the mortgage due to a lack of tourism.

That did not come to fruition.

In this post, we will summarize the state and trend of property prices in Croatia. If you’re planning on buying residential real estate in Croatia, then this guide will help set an expectation of how far your money will go.

In this post, we cover:

The facts are these…

Residential property prices in Croatia’s biggest cities

Overview of residential real estate in Croatia

Property prices in Croatia

Property prices continue to rise despite the economic situation worsening. Many Croatian citizens share the opinion that it is better to be an owner of a property than to save money.

Buyers are demanding and cautious. They prefer to buy new apartments, which are lacking in the Croatian housing market. Apartments in old buildings are not as desirable due to their instability during the 2020 earthquakes.

The average prices of houses in August 2021 were 6% higher than the ones in August 2020 and 9% higher than in 2019. Average apartment prices in August 2021 were 3% higher than the ones in 2020, 8% higher than in 2019, and 14% higher than in 2018.

In 2022, the average apartment price has increased by 4.1% and the average price of houses has increased by 7.7%. Buyers become more interested in properties in rural areas next to big cities including Zagreb county, Krapina-Zagorje county, and Virovitica-Podravina county. Foreigners are very interested in Istria, Gorski kotar, and Zagreb. Almost every 4th buyer of a property in Croatia is a foreign national.

Low interests on savings accounts have also had a big impact on sales. Although, interest rates on loans are also very low, in the neighborhood of 2 to 3%.

The price per square meter can vary wildly depending on:

  • Property size
  • Whether or not the property has been recently renovated
  • Location
    • City
    • Proximity to the city center
    • Proximity to the sea

To give you a ballpark of what properties may cost below is our quick pricing guide. We created this with guidance from a real estate agency. However, be aware that these prices may increase by 5-7%.

  • ~ 100.000 € (a studio or small 1-bedroom)
  • ~ 200.000 € (a renovated 2-bedroom apartment)
  • ~ 300.000 € to 400.000 € (house, but not seafront)
  • ~ 500.000 € (villa)
  • ~ 600.000 € and above (seafront villa)

Average property prices according to Croatian cities

Average property prices in Dubrovnik

  • Apartments – 4.151 € per square meter
  • Houses – 3.523 € per square meter

Average property prices in Osijek

  • Apartments – 1.025 € per square meter
  • Houses – 621 € per square meter

Average property prices in Rijeka

  • Apartments – 1.793 € per square meter
  • Houses – 1.422 € per square meter

Average property prices in Split

  • Apartments – 3.024 € per square meter
  • Houses – 2.879 € per square meter

Average property prices in Zadar

  • Apartments – 2.472 € per square meter
  • Houses – 1.730 € per square meter

Average property prices in Zagreb

  • Apartments – 2.297 € per square meter
  • Houses – 1.441 € per square meter

Average prices by Zagreb neighborhood

  • Brezovica – 1.212,63 € per square meter
  • City center – 2.500 € per square meter
  • Donji grad – 2.567,70 € per square meter
  • Jarun – 2.820 € per square meter
  • Maksimir – 2.186,49 € per square meter
  • Ravnice – 2.376 € per square meter
  • Sesvete – 1.456,58 € per square meter
  • Trešnjevka jug – 2.120,00 € per square meter
  • Trešnjevka sjever – 2.201,97 € per square meter
  • Trnje – 2.281,25 € per square meter

Buyers are now more interested in properties outside of the city, for example in Velika Gorica and Sveta Nedelja.

Average property prices in other cities across Croatia

  • Bjelovar
    • Apartments – 797 € per square meter
    • Houses – 436 € per square meter
  • Gospić – 960 € per square meter
  •  Opatija
    • Apartments – 3.417 € per square meter
    • Houses – 2.405 € per square meter
  • Poreč
    • Apartments – 2.242 € per square meter
    • Houses – 2.280 € per square meter
  • Pula – 1.798 € per square meter
  • Rovinj – 2.620 € per square meter
  • Senj – 1.726 € per square meter
  • Slavonski Brod – 936 € per square meter
  • Šibenik
    • Apartments – 2.069 € per square meter
    • Houses – 1.720 € per square meter
  • Varaždin – 1.518 € per square meter
  • Velika Gorica
    • Apartments – 1.800 € per square meter

Need help buying real estate in Croatia?

If you need help purchasing a property, we can help! We have carefully vetted a network of real estate lawyers who can help you buy real estate in Croatia safely with confidence. Buying property in Croatia can get sticky, so it is vital that you have a skilled advocate who is looking after your interests.

Real estate agents usually have an existing network of lawyers that they work with, however, those lawyers are focused on the interests of the real estate agency first,  and the seller second. As the buyer, it’s imperative to have your own lawyer to protect your interests.

Our vetted property lawyers can:

  • Answer all of your property questions
  • Find property records
  • Clean property titles
  • Help you purchase a property and represent you during the process
  • Ensure you are not taken advantage of by property sellers
  • Prepare and review contracts
  • Help you sell a property
  • Engage local contractors and interior designers

To get help from a vetted real estate lawyer, please share your needs with us using the below form. Based on those needs, we’ll match you with the right person best suited to help.

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