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UPDATED: 1.3.2023.

Despite being such an automobile-dominated city, Split’s bus system is widely used by its residents. For that reason, the buses are efficient and plentiful, reaching almost every end of the city and even extending beyond Split to Trogir, Solin, and Omiš.

It is entirely possible to both visit and live in Split without having a car. Split’s public transportation system is called Promet. Let’s introduce the Split bus system to make getting around the city a bit easier.

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Promet – city bus system in Split, Croatia

Quirks of the Split Promet bus system

Promet Split bus

As with any public transportation, the Split bus system is not free of its own little nuances. Here are some of the ones we’ve discovered.

#1 Delays during holidays

Beware of holidays when some Promet routes may run late, if at all. On holidays, adjusted timetables are published on their home page.

#2 Know where you’re going

It’s best to know where you need to go and when the bus will come before you head out. Not all bus stops post the schedule for the buses that come through.

If you have no idea what a bus stop looks like, just ask the bus driver. Usually, if you hang near the front, they will point it out for you.

#3 Don’t miss the bus

At some of the busier stations, such as near Pazar in the center of Split, the buses tend to stack up in traffic. In that case, many of the buses will open their doors long before the actual stop. If you aren’t paying attention, it is possible to miss your bus entirely.

Sometimes at night, a bus driver will not stop at a bus stop if no one has requested a stop by pressing one of the red buttons on board. If traveling at night, be sure to request your stop and stand up to indicate you want to get off.

#4 Yes, there are inspectors

From time to time, a služba kontrole (inspector) from Promet will board the bus to check tickets. If you purchased a ticket from a tobacco stand or Promet kiosk, make sure you get it stamped when you board.

If you get caught without a ticket, you’ll need to pay a penalty in cash on the spot.

It may seem unnecessarily complex at times, but it’s pretty easy to figure out. The fact that you can buy a ticket on the bus is a big score for me.

Promet bus tariff zones in Split, Croatia

In 2022, the greater Split bus system was broken down into approximately 20 tariff zones, where each city and municipality is a separate transport and tariff area. Before this, the bus system was broken down into only 4 bus zones.
The city of Split traffic network includes around 27 bus lines. The total number of lines is around 90.
Split bus tariff zones
Split bus tariff zones

The map of Split bus tariff zones is available for download here.

Promet Split bus routes and schedules

Promet traffic routes

The bus map of the Split city traffic network is available here.

The bus map of the suburban traffic network is available here.

Promet bus timetables

The bus line schedules for the Split city area are available here.

The bus line schedules for the urban area are available here.

The bus line schedules for the suburban area are available here.

The schedules of all Split bus lines are available here.

Bus line schedules for the city of Trogir are available here.

Bus line schedules for the island of Šolta are available here.

What is the cost of Split Promet tickets?

Promet Split bus

Like most bus systems, the cost for a ride on the Split city bus is determined by a tariff zone, number of rides, and status (age, student, etc.). For most people, you’ll just pay 2 euros when you step onto the bus for 1 ride within Split proper.

Below is the pricing scale from the Promet Split website that we translated into English. All prices are in euros, and they include VAT.

Ticket TypesZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4
Adults - Single Trip (Purchased on bus)2,002,503,004,00
Children - Single Trip (Purchased on bus)1,001,001,001,00
Adults - Monthly (Pre-purchased)35,0045,0060,0070,00
24-Hour Ticket (Pre-purchased)4,008,00
72-Hour Ticket (Pre-purchased)10,0020,00

The full ticket prices are available here.

Bus tickets can be bought on the bus, at the central point of sale on Sukoišanska street and Kolodvor Trogir, tobacco stands, Promet booths, online, and via Promet Split mobile application.

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Promet Split mobile application

Promet Split mobile application enables users to buy bus tickets, plan trips, view timetables, get a mapped display of all bus stops and vehicle positions in real-time, and get information about sales points.

The app is available for iOS here and Android here.

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Promet Split

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