How to get to and from Osijek Airport, Croatia

Osijek airport
Osijek Airport

PUBLISHED: 20.5.2024.

Situated in the far east of Croatia, Osijek Airport serves as a gateway to the region of Slavonia. It is also very close to Hungary, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is ideal if you like daily trips.

Navigating transportation to and from airports is often a crucial aspect of travel planning, especially if you seek convenience and efficiency. Whether you travel to Osijek for business or pleasure, our guide will provide you with comprehensive insights into the transportation choices at Osijek Airport.

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Where is Osijek Airport situated in Croatia?

The Osijek Airport is in Croatia’s far east in the Slavonia region, close to the Serbian and Hungarian borders. Although it is not among Croatia’s busiest airports, it welcomes around 30.000 passengers annually. Destroyed during the Domovinski rat (Croatian War of Independence), it has since been completely reconstructed and now offers international and domestic flights.

Which cities are close to Osijek Airport?

Osijek Airport’s proximity opens up a range of nearby cities across Croatia and its neighboring countries – Hungary, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In Croatia, Vukovar, Vinkovci, Đakovo, Našice, Županja, and Slavonski Brod are the closest bigger cities to the airport.

Across the border in Hungary, Pécs and Szeged are the closest. Serbia’s Novi Sad, Sombor, and Subotica can also be visited when you fly via Osijek. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can go to Tuzla, which is a short drive from Osijek. Belgrade is a 2.5-hour drive, and Zagreb and Budapest are a 3-hour drive.

Here are the driving distances between Osijek and major cities in the region:

  • Osijek – Banja Luka – 220 km
  • Osijek – Belgrade – 185 kilometers
  • Osijek – Budapest – 270 kilometers
  • Osijek – Dubrovnik – 520 kilometers – view our airport guide here
  • Osijek – Mostar – 390 kilometers
  • Osijek – Našice – 54 kilometers
  • Osijek – Novi Sad – 110 kilometers
  • Osijek – Pécs – 90 kilometers
  • Osijek – Pula – 550 kilometers – view our airport guide here
  • Osijek – Rijeka – 440 kilometers – view our airport guide here
  • Osijek – Sarajevo – 285 kilometers
  • Osijek – Slavonski Brod – 94 kilometers
  • Osijek – Sombor – 70 kilometers
  • Osijek – Split – 445 kilometers – view our airport guide here
  • Osijek – Subotica – 120 kilometers
  • Osijek – Szeged – 220 kilometers
  • Osijek – Tuzla – 150 kilometers
  • Osijek – Varaždin – 240 kilometers
  • Osijek – Vinkovci – 42 kilometers
  • Osijek – Vukovar – 37 kilometers
  • Osijek – Zadar – 580 kilometers – view our airport guide here
  • Osijek – Zagreb – 280 kilometers – view our airport guide here
  • Osijek – Đakovo – 43 kilometers
  • Osijek – Županja – 70 kilometers

These distances are approximate and may vary a few kilometers depending on the specific route taken.

Companies that operate at Osijek Airport, Croatia

Osijek Airport is a smaller airport. Currently, only 3 companies fly out of Osijek:

They also fly to other Croatian cities and a couple of international destinations. You can view their red letenja (flight schedule) here.

Ways to get to and from Osijek Airport, Croatia

Getting to and from Osijek Airport is easy, thanks to the Osijek – Vukovar regional road, which passes by the airport. Clear signage directs travelers to the airport entrance from the regional road. Whether by car, taxi, or shuttle, reaching Osijek Airport is a hassle-free experience when you have the right information.

1. Taxi

Regarding reliable transportation between the city of Osijek and Osijek Airport, Osječki taxi stands out as a go-to choice. This locally owned company has recognizable Škoda Octavia cars and two vans designed for larger groups or luggage-heavy trips. The price per kilometer is 4 to 6 euro, but if you book a larger vehicle, the price may increase.


2. Rent a car

Car rental at Osijek Airport is also possible, and you can rent a car from a couple of companies. Some have offices at the airport, and some can deliver you a car. The price per day varies depending on the vehicle you choose, and it can range from 20 to 100 euro. Here are the Osijek Airport car rentals you can contact:

3. Shuttle bus

One of the more affordable ways to get to and from the airport is a shuttle bus. A one-way ticket to Osijek Airport costs 5 euro, and you can purchase it online here or from the driver.

4. Drive your car

Driving to Osijek Airport is an excellent choice if you want to be flexible. A1 highway connects Zagreb and Osijek, and many other regional roads connect smaller Croatian cities with Osijek Airport.

Once you get to the airport, there is free parking for approximately 280 personal vehicles and 13 parking lots for people with disabilities. Parking is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and you cannot reserve space in advance.

Tiny tip: You can leave your car there for a couple of days, but the airport is not responsible for vehicles left in its parking lot.

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How to get to Osijek, Croatia

For those traveling to Osijek for the first time, here is some important information. Osijek is located in Slavonia in eastern Croatia, and it is famous for the Pannonian lowland scenery. The most famous sight in Osijek, which you can find on most postcards, is Osječka konkatedrala Svetog Petra i Pavla (Osijek cathedral of St. Peter and Paul), built in neo-gothic style. Osijek is also a business hub of this region and the biggest city in Slavonia.

If you want to visit Osijek from Zagreb, you can take a bus, train, or drive there. The train ride is approximately 4 to 5 hours long. To travel by bus, you can book a ticket online or buy it at Autobusni kolodvor Zagreb (Main bus terminal Zagreb). A bus ride is also around 4 hours long.

Driving to Osijek from Zagreb is much faster than traveling by bus or train. You will cross the distance of 280 kilometers in 3 hours if you take the A3 motorway. If you drive from Rijeka, Split, or Dubrovnik, the fastest route is to drive to Zagreb and then join the A3 motorway. Another option when traveling from Dalmatia is to drive through Bosnia and Herzegovina, but it takes longer, although it seems like a shorter distance on the map.

If you travel to Osijek from Budapest or other Hungarian cities, it is best to take the A5 motorway. This is an important transportation corridor for Croatia because it is a part of the European route E73.

Once you arrive in Osijek, you can explore the city by using their public transport. View our guide to Osijek public transport here.

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Tips for Osijek Airport

Every airport is different, and even though they all seem the same, good navigation tips are always welcome. Here are some helpful tips for Osijek Airport.

1. Check the time and luggage requirements

Osijek Airport serves airlines that have their own requirements regarding luggage and check-in time. Make sure to check the rules of your airline, and do not assume that everything will be as expected. This is a small airport, and the rules may differ.

2. Arrive early to find parking

Although Osijek Airport has plenty of parking, there are more passengers at the airport during holidays and summer, so the parking fills up quickly. Make sure to arrive early to check in and find a suitable parking space.

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3. Use the drop-off counter and online check-in

Certain airlines allow you to check in online before your flight and drop off your luggage at the drop-off counter without waiting in line. You can check in using a passport or identity card, electronic ticket number (ETKT number), or reservation code (PNR code) at the check-in machine or online. After you drop off your luggage and check in, you can head over to security and enjoy your time before the flight.

4. Get VAT return

If you are leaving Croatia and want to receive a VAT return, you must go to the carina (customs) counter and fill out the form. Also, if you travel with more than 10.000 euro in cash, you must inform the carina. This is required only if you are entering or leaving the EU.

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5. Relax at a caffe bar

There is a caffe bar inside the airport where you can relax and wait for your flight. This may be your last chance to try a Croatian beer or take the last sip, so take some time to enjoy it. You can also buy refreshments at the booth, like snacks and drinks. But if you have any dietary limitations or want to ensure you have your favorite food and drinks, always bring your own meals. View where to buy healthy food in Croatia here.

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6. Buy souvenirs at duty-free

There is a duty-free shop at the airport, and you can shop there before departure or after arrival. They sell all well-known international products, but also souvenirs and local brands of Croatian wines and rakija liqueur, which make great gifts for your loved ones.

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7. Take advantage of free Wi-Fi

Osijek Airport offers free Wi-Fi throughout the building. If you have to wait for your flight for a while, you can surf or watch shows on Netflix. If too many people use it, the Wi-Fi might get slow, but it is usually good enough for reading news online or general browsing.

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Frequently asked questions

Does Osijek have an airport?

Osijek has a small airport that serves domestic and international flights. It is used as a getaway for the Slavonia region because it is close to cities like Vukovar and Slavonski Brod.

Is there an airport in Slavonia?

Slavonia has one commercial airport, Osijek Airport, and sports airports, Osijek-Čepin and Slavonski Brod. You can view the list of all airports in Croatia here.

Can you rent a car at Osijek Airport?

Yes, several companies offer car rentals at Osijek Airport. View the full list here.

How much is a taxi in Osijek?

The standard rate is 4 to 6 euro per kilometer, but it depends on location and time of the day. It is advisable to ask how much the ride costs before you enter the taxi.

Is there an Uber in Osijek?

Yes. Uber and Bolt are both available in Osijek and are the most popular apps in Croatia as alternatives to a standard taxi. But be aware that Osijek is a small city compared to Zagreb, and there will be fewer vehicles and possibly longer waiting times.


Osijek Airport
Zračna luka Osijek u prošloj je godini imala najveći rast by HINA

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