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Online courses for learning the Croatian language (both free and paid): Guide for 2023

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We are all different and we learn differently. Learning the Croatian language is both hard and challenging even for a native speaker due to its complexities. For some of us, learning a foreign language is much easier and more comfortable through online resources rather than attending regular classes in person.

Maybe you prefer to learn from the comfort of your home, you don’t have enough time to attend classes, or you live too far away to attend the school. Whatever the reason is, there are many Croatian online courses that can help you learn the language online, both free and paid.


Free Online Croatian Language Courses

Never use lack of money as a reason not to learn Croatian. There are several really good free Croatian language courses that can help get you to conversational level. It all depends on how much effort you put into it.

#1 Croaticum

Croaticum offers free online courses for A1 and A2 Croatian language levels in cooperation with Središnji državni ured za Hrvate izvan Hrvatske (Central State Office for Croats Outside Croatia) and Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu (Faculty of Humanity and Social Sciences in Zagreb).

It is possible to start these free individual courses anytime. You may choose between taking a course with English or Spanish instructions. Courses consist of 80 units of 45 minutes each.

Get started with the A1 online course here.

Get started with the A2 online course here.

#2 HR4EU

HR4EU is a free online e-learning portal for learning the Croatian language developed by the Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu (Faculty of Humanity and Social Sciences in Zagreb).

In addition to language lessons, the portal provides information about Croatian culture, history, gastronomy, and practical information for people who are coming to work or study in Croatia. The language lessons include Croatian quizzes, exercises, a dictionary, and video tutorials. Learning is individual and you can start it anytime.

The following Croatian language course levels are available:

  • Beginner Croatian course
  • Intermediate Croatian course
  • Advanced Croatian course
  • Croatian for business users
  • Croatian for students

Get started here.

#3 Easy Croatian

Easy Croatian is an non-profit education site that includes free online lessons for the Croatian language, organized by topics. You can also use their content in any way as long as you reference them as a source.

The site includes more than 100 sections with detailed theoretical and practical instructions for better understanding of the language.

Get started here.


Paid Online Croatian Language Courses

If you want to take your online Croatian learning up a notch, there are several intensive paid programs that function in both and individual settings.

#1 UNIZG HiT-1

Sveučilište u Zagrebu (The University of Zagreb) offers an e-learning course for beginners with no previous or basic knowledge of Croatian language in cooperation with the Hrvatska matica iseljenika (Croatian Heritage Foundation) and Sveučilišni računski centar (SRCE) (University Computing Center).

This is a group course with instruction over Skype/webinar and functions similar to a student class in a regular classroom.

24 teaching hours are formed into 7 units spread over 4 weeks. Units end with short online tests scheduled with the professor. Explanations of units are available in Croatian, English, and Spanish. The final exam consists of a written and oral parts.

The course is available to begin 2 times per year:

  1. Spring course ran from March 9 to May 31, 2020 (2021 dates not yet announced)
  2. Autumn course starts on September 7 and lasts until November 29, 2020. The deadline for application is August 30, 2020.

To register for the course, an academic fee of 500 EUR must be paid to the University of Zagreb.

More information is available here.

Get started by requesting an application form by sending an email to

#2 Sputnik Croatian Language Academy

Croatian Language Academy (CLA) offers online intensive language group courses for learning Croatian in a short period. The course includes 70 lessons that are divided into 5 weeks of learning. Classes are organized into small groups of up to 9 people guided by certified professors.

Available levels of Croatian language range from A1 to B2. A course costs 3.675 kuna, which includes free literature and a Croatian language level certificate.

Classes are held 4 times a week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday (10:00 – 12.30 or 14:00 – 16.30).

To enroll in the course, contact CLA via:

More information about the course is available here.

#3 Learn Croatian – Školica Croatian Language School

Online Croatian language course Školica offers a combination of individual and group online lessons given by native speakers.

Individual lessons improve your language skills and group lessons engage you in conversation with up to 5 other students from around the globe. Individual lessons are flexible and can be scheduled according to your free time. Group lessons have several options for start times and topics. Online classes are held via Skype and Zoom.

Each lesson lasts 45 minutes. It is recommended to take 1 individual and 1 group lesson per week to achieve best results. Individual lessons are 25 EUR per session and group lessons are 15 EUR per session.

This course offers 3 learning packages that can save you up to 30% when compared to ‘per session’ prices:

  • Test package – 149 EUR
    • 4 individual lessons
    • 4 group lessons
  • Learn package – 249 EUR
    • 8 individual lessons
    • 8 group lessons
  • Study package – 449 EUR
    • 16 individual lessons
    • 16 group lessons

More information about this course is available here.

Get started by sending an email to

Free resources before you get started


#4 Croatian Language School

Croatian Language School (CLS) offers an online Skype program to learn the Croatian language. Skype group lessons include up to 4 people. CLS is headquartered in London, but also offers live language lessons in Lošinj and Zagreb.

CLS offers 3 types of classes:

  • Beginner (A1) and Elementary (A2)
  • Intermediate (B1 and B2)
  • Advanced (C1 and C2)

Each lesson lasts 50 minutes. Sessions are arranged in agreement with the teacher between 8:00 and 19:00. There is also an option for scheduling sessions outside these hours.

Take a free trial lesson to see if you like this course.

More information is available here.

Get started by signing up via contact form or email

Note: We purposefully excluded Aspira’s course because after speaking to them over the phone, we learned they’ve never actually had the online course they offer because they’ve never had enough students.

We have many resources for learning Croatian including our word and phrase of the week, which we post every Monday on our home page as well as in our newsletter. Check out all of our language resources here.

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