An English guide to Njuškalo (Croatia’s Craigslist)

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Njuš, founded in 2007, is the biggest and most visited public advertising website (“internetski oglasnik”) in Croatia. More than 100 employees help visitors find products using the portal.

Njuškalo is similar to Craigslist in other countries in that it is a classified site for public use. People can advertise what they are selling, give away products or services, or compare prices. It connects hundreds of sellers and buyers on a daily basis. You may be surprised at some of the weird stuff that can be found on Njuškalo.

While this list is not inclusive, here are just a few examples of what you can find:

Everyone likes to visit Njuškalo because it is simple to use, and there really is no competitor. If you want to find the price of a new or used product, you use this site to do your research and price comparison.

Since Njuškalo is only in the Croatian language and can be challenging to navigate for English speakers, we’ve put together our guide to using Njuškalo including English translations. Google Translate can’t always capture the nuance of Croatian. :)

In this post, we cover:

The facts are these…

An English guide to Njuškalo (Croatia’s Craigslist)

How Njuškalo is organized

All ads are placed into one of 21 main categories. These categories are visible on the Njuškalo homepage (see English translations further down in this post) which is available here.

Every category has subcategories that help you drill down to what you are looking for. Next to the name of each category and subcategory, there is a total number of currently related published ads.

Njuškalo main categories

How to search on Njuškalo

Every category includes an advanced search engine to further refine your query. The more detailed you get, the more relevant results you will find. The search engine is customized to the specific category.

Here are some of the most frequent search engine filters that you can use to make a detailed query:

  • Lokacija (Location – county and city)
  • Cijena (Price – lowest and highest amount)
  • Novo/staro/rabljeno/oštećeno/neispravno (Old/new/already used/damaged/defective)
  • Samo oglasi sa slikom (Only ads with pictures)

Translated list of categories in both English and Croatian

Here is a complete list of the categories on Njuškalo translated into both English and Croatian.

#1 Auto Moto (Car Motor)

  • Motocikli/Motori (Motors)
  • Osobni automobili (Personal cars)
  • Novi automobili (New cars)
  • Karambolirani automobili (Wrecked cars)
  • Gospodarska vozila (Commercial vehicles)
  • Rezervni dijelovi i oprema (Spare parts and equipment)
  • Kamperi i kamp prikolice (Campers and caravans)
  • Oldtimeri (Oldtimers)

#2 Nekretnine (Real Estate)

  • Kuće (Houses)
  • Stanovi (Apartments)
  • Zemljišta (Land)
  • Luksuzne nekretnine (Luxury real estate)
  • Novogradnja (New buildings)
  • Nekretnine za odmor (Vacation properties)
  • Montažni objekti (Transportable buildings)
  • Poslovni prostori (Business space)
  • Garaže (Garages)
  • Sobe (Rooms)

#3 Nautika (Nautics)

  • Plovila (Boats)
  • Charter
  • Nautička oprema (Nautical equipment)
  • Brodski motori (Ship engines)
  • Brodski rezervni dijelovi (Spare parts for ships)
  • Prikolice za plovila (Trailers for boats)

#4 Hrana i piće (Food and beverages)

  • Napitci (Beverages)
  • Mliječni proizvodi i jaja (Dairy products and eggs)
  • Med i pčelinji proizvodi (Honey and bee products)
  • Ulje i mast (Oil and grease)
  • Delikatesa (Delicatessens)
  • Svježe meso (Fresh meat)
  • Voće, povrće i gljive (Fruits, vegetables and mushrooms)
  • Zimnica (Winter stores)
  • Orašasti plodovi i sjemenke (Nuts and seeds)
  • Ocat i začini (Vinegar and spices)
  • Brašno, kruh, tijesto i žitarice (Flour, bread, pasta and cereals)
  • Kolači i slatkiši (Cakes and sweets)
  • Ostala hrana i piće (Other food and drink)

#5 Popusti i katalozi (Discounts and catalogs)

  • Preporučene trgovine (Recommended stores)
  • U tvojoj blizini (Near you)

#6 Turizam (Tourism)

  • Privatni smještaj u Hrvatskoj (Private accommodation in Croatia)
  • Inozemstvo (Abroad)

#7 Usluge (Services)

  • Građevinska i zemljišna dokumentacija (Construction and land documentation)
  • Servisiranje vozila (Vehicle maintaining)
  • Iznajmljivanje vozila (Vehicle renting)
  • Servis strojeva i alata (Machines and tools service)
  • Iznajmljivanje strojeva i alata (Machines and tools renting)
  • Servisiranje plovila (Vessel maintaining)
  • Servisiranje uređaja, opreme i glazbala (Devices, equipment, and instruments maintaining)
  • Održavanje, čišćenje i kućanski poslovi (Maintenance, cleaning, and housekeeping)
  • Baby sitting/čuvanje djece (Babysitting)
  • Popravci i održavanje odjeće i obuće (Clothes and footwear repair and maintenance)
  • Ljepota i njega (Beauty and care)
  • Kućni ljubimci (Pets)
  • Građevinske usluge (Building services)
  • Dizajn interijera i namještaj po mjeri (Interior design and custom furniture)
  • Uređenje vrta, okućnice i izrada vrtnog namještaja (Landscaping, garden, and garden furniture production)
  • Transporti i selidbe (Transports and removals)
  • Instrukcije i poduke (Instructions and lessons)
  • Intelektualne usluge (Intellectual services)
  • Proslave, vjenčanja i događanja (Celebrations, weddings, and events)
  • Najam prostora i dvorana (Space and hall rental)
  • Ostale usluge (Other services)

#8 Sve za dom (Everything for home)

  • Namještaj (Furniture)
  • Dekoracije za dom (Home decorations)
  • Masažne fotelje i stolice (Massage chairs)
  • Suđe i posuđe (Dishes)
  • Kućanski tekstil (Household textiles)
  • Tepisi i sagovi (Carpets and rugs)
  • Rasvjeta (Lighting)
  • Kućanski aparati – uređaji (Household appliances)
  • Grijanje i hlađenje (Heating and cooling)
  • Plinske boce i oprema (Gas cylinders and equipment)
  • Građenje i opremanje (Construction and furnishing)
  • Oprema za vrt i voćnjak (Garden and orchard equipment)
  • Bazeni i saune (Pools and saunas)
  • Uredski namještaj (Office furniture)
  • Uredska oprema (Office equipment)
  • Božićna drvca i dekoracije (Christmas trees and decorations)

#9 Kućni ljubimci (Pets)

  • Prodaja kućnih ljubimaca (Pet sale)
  • Udomljavanje i pronađeni kućni ljubimci (Adoption and found pets)
  • Oprema za kućne ljubimce (Pet equipment)
  • Ljubimci za parenje (Pets for breeding)

#10 Informatika (Computing)

  • Softver (Software)
  • Stolna računala (Desktops)
  • Server računala (Computer server)
  • Monitori (Monitors)
  • Računalne komponente (Computer components)
  • Mrežna i wireless oprema (Wire and wireless equipment)
  • Pisači/fotokopirni uređaji (Printers and scanners)
  • USB prijenosna memorija (USB portable memories)
  • Prijenosna računala/laptopi (Laptops)
  • Tablet računala (Tablets)
  • Memorijske kartice i čitači (Memory cards and readers)
  • Igre i igraće konzole (Games and game consoles)
  • Dronovi i oprema (Drones and equipment)
  • Ostala informatička oprema (Other IT equipment)

#11 Mobiteli (Mobile phones)

  • Alcatel
  • Apple iPhone
  • Blackberry
  • Caterpillar
  • Cubot
  • Doogee
  • Google Pixel
  • HTC
  • Huawei
  • Lenovo
  • LG
  • Motorola
  • Noa
  • Nokia
  • OnePlus
  • Oukitel
  • Prestigio
  • Samsung
  • Siemens
  • Sony Ericsson
  • Sony
  • Vivax
  • Xiaomi
  • ZTE
  • Ostali (Other mobile phones)
  • Memorijske kartice i čitači (Memory cards and readers)
  • SIM kartice i bonovi (SIM cards and vouchers)
  • Oprema za mobitele (Mobile phone equipment)
  • Dijelovi za mobitele (Parts for mobile phones)

#12 Audio Video Foto (Audio Video Photo)

  • TV/video/DVD/satelitska (TV/Video/DVD/Satellite)
  • Video kamere i oprema (Video cameras and equipment)
  • Fotoaparati i foto oprema (Cameras and photo accessories)
  • Audio oprema (Audio equipment)
  • Auto akustika i navigacija (Car acoustics and navigation)
  • Filmovi i glazba (Movies and music)
  • iPod, MP3 i MP4 playeri (iPod, MP3, and MP4 players)
  • Radio stanice i radioamaterstvo (Radio stations and amateur radio)
  • Ostala audio-video-foto oprema (Other audio-video-photo equipment)

#13 Glazbala (Music instruments)

  • Trzalački instrumenti i oprema (Plucked string instruments and equipment)
  • Gudački instrumenti i oprema (String instruments and equipment)
  • Puhački instrumenti i oprema (Wind instruments and equipment)
  • Udaraljke i oprema (Percussions and equipment)
  • Klavijature i oprema (Keyboards and equipment)
  • Razglasi i studio oprema (Speaker systems and studio equipment)
  • Ostali glazbeni instrumenti (Other musical instruments)
  • Scenska oprema (Stage equipment)
  • Ostala glazbena oprema (Other musical equipment)

#14 Literatura (Literature)

  • Antikvarne knjige (Antique books)
  • Časopisi i magazini (Magazines and journals)
  • Dječje knjige (Children’s books)
  • Enciklopedije i leksikoni (Encyclopedias and lexicons)
  • Književnost (Literature)
  • Kuharice i prehrana (Cookbooks and nutrition)
  • Publicistika (Journalism)
  • Religija i mitologija (Religion and mythology)
  • Rječnici (Dictionaries)
  • Stripovi (Comics)
  • Stručna literatura (Professional literature)
  • Školski udžbenici (School textbooks)
  • Ostala literatura (Other literature)

#15 Sport i oprema (Sports and equipment)

  • Airsoft i paintball oprema (Airsoft and paintball equipment)
  • Alpinizam i planinarenje (Mountains and hiking)
  • Bicikli i biciklistička oprema (Bicycles and bicycle equipment)
  • Biljarski stolovi i oprema (Billiard tables and equipment)
  • Borilački sportovi (Martial sports)
  • Dodaci prehrani (Food supplements)
  • Fitness oprema (Fitness equipment)
  • Golf oprema (Golf equipment)
  • Kampiranje i kamp oprema (Camping and camping equipment)
  • Navijački rekviziti (Cheerleading accessories)
  • Nogometna oprema (Football equipment)
  • Oružje i oprema za lov (Weapons and hunting equipment)
  • Poker oprema (Poker equipment)
  • Ribolovni pribor i oprema (Fishing accessories and equipment)
  • Ritmika, ples i balet (Rhythm, dance, and ballet)
  • Role i oprema za rolanje (Rolls and roller skating equipment)
  • Romobili i hoverboardi (Scooters and hoverboards)
  • Skateboard
  • Sportski dresovi (Sports jerseys)
  • Sportski zrakoplovi i oprema (Sport aircraft and equipment)
  • Teniski reketi i oprema (Tennis rackets and equipment)
  • Vodeni sportovi (Water sports)
  • Zimski sportovi (Winter sports)
  • Ostala sportska oprema (Other sports equipment)

#16 Pronađeno blago (Found treasure)

  • Antikviteti (Antiquities)
  • Antikvarne knjige (Antique books)
  • Starine (Antiques)
  • Replike (Replicas)
  • Militarija (Military)
  • Umjetničke slike (Paintings)
  • Skulpture (Sculptures)
  • Suveniri (Souvenirs)
  • Razglednice i fotografije (Postcards and photos)
  • Posteri i plakati (Posters)
  • Sličice i albumi (Album pictures and albums)
  • Telefonske kartice (Phone cards)
  • Gobleni i tapiserije (Tapestries)
  • Filatelija (Stamp collection)
  • Značke (Badges)
  • Numizmatika (Coin collection)
  • Materijal i oprema za umjetnost (Material and equipment for the arts)

#17 Dječji svijet (Children’s World)

  • Oprema za bebe (Baby equipment)
  • Dječja odjeća i obuća (Children’s clothing and footwear)
  • Društvene igre (Board games)
  • Igračke (Toys)
  • Sličice i albumi (Thumbnails and albums)
  • Dječje sobe namještaj (Children’s room furniture)
  • Dječje knjige (Children’s books)
  • Odjeća za trudnice (Clothing for pregnant women)
  • Ostalo za djecu (Everything else for the kids)

#18 Strojevi i alati (Machines and tools)

  • Poljoprivredni strojevi i alati (Agricultural machinery and tools)
  • Građevinski strojevi i alati (Construction machinery and tools)
  • Vrtni strojevi i alati (Garden machines and tools)
  • Viličari (Forklifts)
  • Platforme i oprema za visinske radove (Platforms and equipment for elevation work)
  • Strojevi i alati za komunalnu djelatnost (Utility machines and tools)
  • Obradni strojevi i alati (Machines and tools)
  • Strojevi i oprema za šumarstvo (Forestry machinery and equipment)
  • Mjerni instrumenti (Measuring instruments)
  • Elektronski uređaji (Electronic devices)
  • Ručni alati (Hand tools)
  • Ugostiteljska i trgovačka oprema (Catering and commercial equipment)
  • Zaštita od požara (Fire protection)
  • Ostali strojevi i alati (Other machines and tools)

#19 Od glave do pete (From head to toe)

  • Odjeća (Clothes)
  • Obuća (Footwear)
  • Radna odjeća i zaštitna oprema (Work clothes and protective equipment)
  • Dječja odjeća i obuća (Children’s clothing and footwear)
  • Torbe i novčanici (Bags and wallets)
  • Naočale (Glasses)
  • Nakit (Jewelry)
  • Satovi (Watches)

#20 Posao (Jobs)

  • Arhitektura, graditeljstvo i geodezija (Architecture, construction, and surveying)
  • Biotehnologija i farmacija (Biotechnology and pharmacy)
  • Elektrotehnika, strojarstvo i brodogradnja (Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and shipbuilding)
  • Financije, računovodstvo i osiguranja (Finance, accounting, and insurance)
  • Informatika i telekomunikacije (Informatics and telecommunications)
  • Instalacije, održavanje i popravak (Installation, maintenance, and repair)
  • Ljepota, zabava i rekreacija (Beauty, fun, and recreation)
  • Marketing i PR (Marketing and PR)
  • Mediji i izdavaštvo (Media and publishing)
  • Obrazovanje i znanost (Education and science)
  • Poljoprivreda, šumarstvo i ribarstvo (Agriculture, forestry, and fishing)
  • Poslovna suradnja (Business cooperation)
  • Pravo i administracija (Law and administration)
  • Prodaja (Sale)
  • Proizvodnja i zanatske usluge (Production and craft services)
  • Sigurnost i zaštita (Security and protection)
  • Transport, skladištenje i logistika (Transport, storage, and logistics)
  • Turizam i ugostiteljstvo (Tourism and catering)
  • Umjetnost, kultura i dizajn (Art, culture, and design)
  • Upravljanje, organizacija i savjetovanje (Management, organization, and consulting)
  • Zdravstvo, socijalna skrb i njega (Health and social care)

#21 Ostalo (Other)

  • Modelarstvo i maketarstvo (Modeling)
  • Ljepota i njega (Beauty and care)
  • Sve za vjenčanje (All for the wedding)
  • Karte i ulaznice (Tickets)
  • Stočna hrana (Forage)
  • Domaće životinje (Domestic animals)
  • Medicinska oprema i pomagala (Medical equipment and supplies)
  • Grobna mjesta (Tombs)
  • Poklanjamo (Donations – free gifts)
  • Sve ostalo (Everything else)

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