The 8 most ridiculous Hajduk products

In case you live in a cavern, Hajduk Split is a professional football club from Split, Croatia and Dinamo Zagreb’s main football rival. Hajduk was founded in Prague in 1911 by a group of students from Split. Since 1979, stadium Poljud in Split has been the club’s home.

In 2008, the club became a public company owned by the City of Split (~67%) and Udruga “Naš Hajduk” (~25%). Approximately 7 years ago, Hajduk started collaborations with different brands and sponsors to help ease the difficult financial situation of the club. From these collaborations came Hajduk-sponsored products that are decorated with Hajduk’s brand design.

One of the biggest collaborations is between Hajduk and the supermarket chain Tommy, where 15% of the retail price goes to Hajduk. Amazonas flip-flops with Hajduk’s logo kicks back 20% of their earnings to Hajduk.

In 2016, it was estimated that the club earns at least 40 million kuna annually through this co-branding model (with more than 600 branded products) and additional sponsors.

There are many products that carry Hajduk branding these days and many of them are supremely ridiculous. There are so many ridiculous Hajduk-sponsored products that I had to make a list of the most absurd ones for your enjoyment.

Most ridiculous Hajduk branded products in existence

#8 Wine

For the most discerning Torcida wife.

Hajduk Posip Wine


#7 Bath Towels

Only the truest fans dry their nuts with Hajduk.

Hajduk bath towels

#6 Pasta

Let’s be real, this is essentially another kind of penis pasta.

Hajduk pasta
Image by Hajduk

#5 Rolling papers

The definitive rolling paper Dalmatians swear by. So much so I gotta wonder if they are getting a kick back. It’s Dalmatia, so yeah probably.

Hajduk rolling papers

#4 Milk and cheese

America may be the mecca for shameless promotion, but their sports teams have not yet crossed the Rubicon into football-branded dairy products. Hajduk, you have one-upped America. Well done.

Hajduk milk and cheese
Image by Hajduk

#3 Baby Bottle

When it comes to Hajduk, the indoctrination process begins at birth.

Hajduk baby bottles


#2 Baby Pacifier

When your little monster won’t shut the fuck up during the match, muzzle it with a Hajduk pacifier.

And the winner for the absolutely most insane Hajduk-branded product is……………


#1 Baby Wipes

Your baby’s poop-covered ass can only be cleaned with the finest Hajduk baby wipes.

Hajduk baby wipes


The club also has a plethora of other branded products including, but not limited to, T-shirts, lighters, pocket-knifes, and bathroom tiles. For everything Hajduk, you may purchase their swag online at Hajduk’s web shop, their partner’s stores and other distribution places.

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  1. Casey
    November 6, 2019 @ 2:33 pm

    They got spirit!


    • Expat in Croatia
      November 11, 2019 @ 2:28 pm

      They most certainly do. 🙂


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