Minimum wage salaries in Croatia (for 2020)

Minimum wage for workers
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Like many countries, Croatia has a minimum wage, which is defined as a monthly salary amount. While the net salary amount is defined at the national level, the total amount with benefits can vary slightly depending on where the company is registered. This is because there are local taxes that are figured into the salary, which are different from city to city.

The minimum wage salary is broken down in several ways. First, there is “bruto” and “neto”. “Bruto” is the total amount of salary, including all taxes, health insurance premiums, pension, and your take-home pay. “Neto” is the net salary that you’ll receive on your bank account each month.

The “bruto” salary is the amount that will vary by jurisdiction. We’ve included an approximate average below. You can calculate the “bruto” for your jurisdiction by location using this calculator.

Additionally, there are two levels of minimum wage. One is for workers and the other is for directors, members of management, liquidators, and association managers.

Minimum wage in Croatia for 2020

For workers

  • Bruto salary: 4.062,51 kn
  • Neto salary: 3.250,01 kn

‌For directors, members of management, liquidators, and association managers

  • Bruto salary: 5.682,30 kn
  • Neto salary: 4.334,00 kn

Minimum wage in Croatia for 2019

For workers

  • Bruto salary: 3.750,00 kn
  • Neto salary: 3.000,00 kn

‌For directors, members of management, liquidators, and association managers

  • Bruto salary: 5.491,20 kn
  • Neto salary: 4.287,33 kn

If you are working or looking for a job in Croatia, make sure you know what the minimum salary is before signing a contract. If you are planning to open a business, knowing the minimum salaries will help prepare you for the costs of doing business. As you can see from above, the costs added to the net salary of an individual are significant.

This is predominantly because the health insurance premium is scaled to salary instead of being a flat rate. If you are unemployed and paying for health insurance out of your own pocket, the monthly premium is a flat rate.

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