Diseases that disqualify you from being a blood donor in Croatia

Criteria for temporary rejection of blood donors:

OrganName of the disease / conditionDuration (days)
HeartHypotension <13.3 / 8.66 (100/60 mmHg)*
Benign Hypertension> 24 / 13.3 (180/100 mmHg)*
Acute infectious and inflammatory diseases (after healing)Acute glomerulonephritis(5g) 1800
Acute toxoplasmosis180
Gastrointestinal infections14
Fungus skin diseases14
Herpes simplex14
Herpes zoster120
Infectious mononucleosis360
Lyme disease360
Lighter infectious diseases (rhinitis, colds, influenza, etc.)7
Respiratory infection14
Rheumatic fever730
Rubeola, parasitis21
Tuberculosis of the lungs and other organs730
Urinary infections21
A contagious jaundice type A360
After taking medicationAntibiotics7
Aspirin (replacement), Naproxen, Piroxicam5
Brufen, Voltaren / Diclofen and the like.2
Diuretics and antihypertensive agents1 to 5
Cylazapril - antihypertensive10
Amlodipine - antihypertensive7
VaccinationLiving microorganisms (rubyola)28
With live attenuated microorganisms: BCG, rubeola, morbili, mumps, polyo-oral, yellow fever, typhus, cholera28
Dead microorganisms like cholera, typhus0
Against rabies360
Toxoids (diphtheria, tetanus)0
Vaccines with inactivated viruses (influenza, poliomyelitis, etc.)0
Hepatitis A and B vaccines that are given as a result of exposure to viruses180
Other vaccines given preventively (hepatitis A and hepatitis B)0
Inoculation injuries180
Contact (in-house) with a contagious jaundice type A90
Sexual relationship or contact with a person suffering from HBV and / or HCV or a person who is HBsAG + and / or HCV +180
Contact with syphilis patients90
Contact with a mumps patient280
Sexual relationship with HIV + personTetting and piercing of body, skin****180
Tetting and piercing of body, skin180
Vaccination and / or application of serum due to contact with a contagious jaundice type B180
Vaccination due to contact with a contagious jaundice type A42
OtherAmbulatory surgery7
Endoscopy with biopsy180
Giving birth180
Tissue and cell transplants180
Transfusion of blood180
Tooth decay and small dental interventions7
Larger surgical interventions180
Low hemoglobin7
Acute ethylism1
Widespread cruris60
Acute allergy15
Sucrose and kidney stones - acute attack15
Acute cholecystitis30
Epilepsy without therapy(3g)1095
**If plasma is taken exclusively for fractionation
***According to the pharmacokinetics of the drug
****From the last sexual contact
*****For the duration

Criteria for permanent rejection of blood donors:

OrganName of the disease / condition
All systems and organsChronic systemic disease with organ failure
Malignant diseases of all systems and organs
HeartMalignant hypertension
Angina pectoris
Absolute arrhythmia and VES
Coronary disease
Heart surgery
Heart failure
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Emphysema of the lungs
Digestive tractChronic liver damage of non-infectious origin
Chronic pancreatic damage of non-infectious origin
Ulcerous colitis
Endocrine systemHypo and hyperthyroidism with permanent substitution therapy
Diabetes - insulin dependent
Adison's disease
Cerebrovascular systemEpilepsy under therapy
Psychosis, psychopathy, mental retardation
Condition after insult
BloodCongenital coagulopathy
Acquired coagulopathy
Blood vesselsArterial thrombosis
Recurrent venous thrombosis
Chronic infectious and inflammatory diseasesTropical diseases (leishmaniasis, babesiosis, chronic q fever, triangosomiasis circulation - Shagas' disease)
HIV carriers 1/2
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
CJD and other spongiform encephalopathies
Prion diseases
Chronic toxoplasmosis
Chronic autoimmune diseasesChronic eczema
Crohn's disease
Multiple sclerosis
Rheumatoid arthritis
Systemic lupus
Risky behaviorHighly risky sexual behavior
Chronic alcoholism
drug addiction
OtherRepeated collapse in blood donation
Transplant recipients

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