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Liburnija – Zadar’s Public Bus System

Zadar is one of the biggest cities on the Adriatic coast, so it has its own local bus transportation. The historic center of the city is well connected with all other parts of the city. The company in charge of public transport in Zadar is Liburnija d.o.o.

Liburnija buses run on 12 city bus lines throughout the whole city of Zadar. Buses operate from 5:00 am until midnight, and extend until 1:00 am during summer. Buses leave the main bus station every 20 minutes towards the city blocks and every 15 minutes towards the city center.

Autobusni Kolodvor – Main Bus Station Zadar

Zadar Autobusni Kolodvor - Main Bus Station
Image by Airbnb

The main bus station in Zadar is 20 minutes if walking and 5 minutes if driving from the city center. It is very close to the train station.

From the bus station, you can reach every part of the city. The starting station of all the local city buses is in front of the main bus station. If you need to go to the city center, take the bus line number 2 or 4. Bus number 9 goes to the ferry port Gaženica. Take line 8 if you need to go to Puntamika, Borik or Diklo, and 10 for Bibinje.


Liburnija Zadar Bus Route Map

The city bus line network with all the bus numbers and routes can be found here.

Most of the buses go through the Mala pošta station which is located at the intersection of Ulica Josipa Jurja Strossmayera and Ulica Stjepana Radića. Mala pošta is 3 to 5-minute drive and 20-minute walk from the autobusni kolodvor in Zadar.

Bus timetables

How to find Zadar city bus schedules


The local bus timetable can be checked on the Liburnija web site under the section “Line search”, per the above image. Here you can drill down the exact bus line. The timetable will also be listed at the main bus station or at any tourist agency.

The local bus workday schedule and timetable for all buses can also be found here.

The local bus timetable and schedule for Sunday and holidays can be found here.

Bus Tickets and Prices

Local bus tickets can be bought:

  • on the bus from the bus driver
  • at the bus station
  • at the Liburnija stand
  • at a Tisak stand

The regular ticket price is 10 kuna for one trip and 16 kuna for two trips (popularly called the “karnet” card), which offers a discounted rate of 8 kuna per trip.

You can also buy a block consisting of 10 tickets which last for 20 trips for the price of 160 kuna

When you enter the bus, you must validate the ticket on the device behind the driver. Once stamped, the ticket is valid for 50 minutes. You can transfer to another bus line during the ride, as long as you are going in the same direction as the first validation.

In addition to the standard pay-as-you-go ticket, you can also purchase the following monthly tickets:

  • For employees for the price of 250 kuna
  • For students for the price of 135 kuna
  • For retired persons for the price of 135 kuna

The following groups are entitled to a free ride on Zadar public transport:

  • Children up to 5 years (up to 3 children)
  • Blind persons if they have an Association of Blind’s membership card
  • MUP members (if wearing the uniform)
  • Municipal workers
Liburnija Zadar Bus
Image by Antena Zadar

Useful tips

If you buy the ticket from the bus driver, keep in mind that you can pay only in cash.

Ticket controllers frequently board buses to check for valid tickets. If requested, you must show the ticket to the public transport controller. If you don’t have a ticket, you’ll have to pay the penalty in the amount of 100 kuna.

Zadar Suburban Public Transport

There are around 50 bus lines to Zadar’s suburban areas that leave from the main bus station in Zadar.

The most popular suburban lines include:

  • To Biograd (platform 9)
  • To Zaton (platforms 24 and 25)
  • To Petrčane and Vir (platform 24)

The suburban bus timetable can be checked  under the section “Line search – Suburban transport”.

How to find Zadar suburban bus schedules

Contact information

Autobusni Kolodvor – Main Bus Station Zadar

Address: Ante Starčevića 2, 23000 Zadar

Phone: +385 (0)23 211 555, +385 (0)23 211 035

Public transport – Liburnija buses

Address: N. Jurišića bb, 23000 Zadar

Phone: +385(0)23 343 730


Working hours: 5:30 – 22:00

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