LGBTQIA+ friendly bars, websites, and Facebook communities in Croatia

Klub Kocka in Split, Croatia
Underground Klub Kocka in Split

UPDATED: 10.5.2024.

If you want to feel incredibly welcome, free, and safe, there is no better place to visit than an LGBTQIA-friendly bar – no matter who you are. In Croatia, Zagreb is the most open and welcoming city. The next is Rijeka, generally recognized as the most liberal and tolerant Croatian city.

Some bars in Croatia are upfront about their LGBTQIA-friendliness, and others are known for their long-standing reputation. There are also websites and Facebook communities aiming to help and connect people within the Croatian LGBTQIA+ community.

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Croatian LGBTQIA+ friendly caffe bars and nightclubs

LGBTQIA+ bars in Dubrovnik, Croatia

1. Milk

Milk is a new gay bar in Dubrovnik that opened in May 2022. It was named after the movie Milk, which focused on Harvey Milk, an activist and politician fighting for gay rights. The interior is decorated with mirrors, velvet, colorful flowers, and animal patterns, making it different from common bars. This bar works only during the summer and is closed from November to April.

Read our interview with the owner of Milk here.

Address: Ulica Marojice Kaboge 7, 20 000 Dubrovnik – view map

Website | Facebook | Instagram

LGBTQIA+ bars in Opatija, Croatia

1. Monokini

Lounge bar Monokini near the coast is labeled as an LGBTQIA-friendly bar. The bar offers croissants, fresh salads, freshly squeezed fruit juices, and hot cocktails. They have a neat interior and spacious terrace with occasional DJ sets.

Address: Ulica Maršala Tita 96, 51 410 Opatija – view map

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LGBTQIA+ bars in Rijeka, Croatia

1. Celtic Caffe Bard

Celtic Caffe Bard is a pub-like bar situated in the core of Rijeka. If you pass by Bard, you will notice the sounds of Celtic and jazz – you can’t miss it. They offer a top choice of drinks emphasizing Croatian craft beers.

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Address: Trg Grivica 6b, 51 000 Rijeka – view map

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2. Kosi Toranj

Kosi Toranj is an LGBTQ-friendly coffee and lounge bar located near the riva. Try some of their provocative cocktails, ice teas, gins, flavorful pancakes, or iced coffee. It is a suitable place to warm up before a crazy night out or take a morning coffee.

Address: Put Vele Crikve 1, 51 000 Rijeka – view map

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3. River Pub

If you like to sing, visit River Pub at one of their student’s karaoke evenings and pretend to be Freddie Mercury. Their interior resembles a proper pub, so beer lovers will adore it. The bar also organizes quizzes and free rock listening rooms led by their DJs.

Address: Ulica Frana Supila 12, 51 000 Rijeka – view map

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LGBTQIA+ bars in Rovinj, Croatia

1. Labirint Klub

Labirint (Labyrinth) is a gay club in Rovinj whose motto is Be what u are, you’re at home. This explains a lot. The club is open only during the night hours in the summer season. Their DJs play commercial, house, and progressive music on the dance floor. You must become a member by paying a daily membership to join the club.

Address: Put Valsaresi 3, 52 210 Rovinj – view map

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LGBTQIA+ bars in Split, Croatia

1. Kocka

Kocka (Dice) is an LGBTQIA-friendly underground club that organizes alternative concerts, parties, exhibitions, workshops, conferences, and other artistic programs. The club is in the basement with dim lights, ideal for intimate chats. It hosts drag shows a few times a year, which are tons of fun. If you are looking for something eccentric and arousing, visit Kocka.

Address: Ulica slobode 28, 21 000 Split – view map

Website | Facebook | Instagram

2. X club

Opened in 2023, X club is the first gay club in Split, which immediately gained popularity. It is open only during the summer season on Fridays and Saturdays. Everyone is welcome at this inclusive club, and if you are new to the city it is a great place to check out Split’s nightclub scene.

Address: Sinjska ulica 5, 21 000 Split – view map


LGBTQIA+ bars in Zagreb, Croatia

1. AKC Medika

AKC Medika is a paradise for the alternatives, artists, weirdos, queers, distinct, and everyone else who feels like they stray from the norm. Medika is a symbol of independent culture, subversive art, and activism. It offers concerts, parties, art festivals, film and theater production, gallery programs, and free educational content.

Address: Luigija Pierottija 11, 10 000 Zagreb – view map

Website | Facebook | Instagram

2. Bacchus

Bacchus is a jazz bar with the most adorable green terrace in the shade of figs, horse chestnut, ivy, and other plants making a small oasis in the city’s center. It is a second home to artists and intellectuals. Prices are affordable, and the coffee is good. No one will remain indifferent to intimate surroundings and the wondrous jazz gigs in their garden.

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Address: Trg kralja Tomislava 16, 10 000 Zagreb – view map

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3. Booksa

Booksa is a book club ideal for drinking coffee or tea in the reading room while browsing books or magazines from the library. In this cozy club, you can always discover something worthy. Literature and poetry lovers will enjoy Booksa’s literary programs, which include visits by Croatian and foreign authors and concerts.

Address: Martićeva 14D, 10 000 Zagreb – view map

Website | Facebook | Instagram

4. Hotpot Bar

Hotpot is an official gay bar and club in the city center. Go there if you want to dance to Latino, trash, pop, and house music until the early morning. Hotpot was also a sponsor and official club of the Queer Zagreb festival.

Address: Petrinjska 31, 10 000 Zagreb – view map


5. Juta/Kota Bar

Juta/Kota Bar is a gay-friendly bar with live music, tasty cocktails, and good coffee which you can enjoy in a comfortable living room or colorful terrace. They are also pet-friendly and often collect donations for animal shelters.

Address: Medulićeva 20, 10 000 Zagreb – view map

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6. KIC

KIC stands for Kulturno informativni center (Cultural Informational Center). This public cultural institution organizes forums, visual arts projects, and screenings. If you have a critical opinion towards current social events, visit KIC and have an open-minded discussion.

Address: Preradovićeva 5, 10 000 Zagreb – view map

Website | Facebook | Instagram

7. Kolaž

Situated in a small basement in the city center, Kolaž is a cult underground caffe that gathers lovers of the alternative scene. Kolaž is known as one of the first Zagreb’s gay-friendly bars. It is an ideal place to spend the evening hours before the club or after-party.

Address: Amruševa 11, 10 000 Zagreb – view map


8. Močvara

Močvara (Swamp) is a legendary alternative club situated on the embankment of the Sava River where everyone feels welcome. Its team of eternal enthusiasts works on fantastic cultural programs, including concerts, exhibitions, music listening rooms, theater performances, film and literary programs, and workshops.

Address: Trnjanski nasip bb, 10 000 Zagreb – view map

Website | Facebook | Instagram

9. Pločnik

Pločnik was located at Zapadni kolodvor (West railway station) for many years, but they recently moved to a different location. Now you can find them as part of Dva Osam, a club that has a great reputation as an alternative bar with excellent cultural events and live music performances. Pločnik welcomes all artists, weirdos, and casual personalities and encourages them to chill, sing, and dance. Ploča means a vinyl record in Croatian.

Address: Jabukovac 28, 10000, Zagreb – view map

Website | Facebook | Instagram

10. Program Bar

The same owner owns two LGBTQIA-friendly bars called Program in Zagreb. They are relatively new and each in a different part of the city. The baroque style inspires the designs of both bars, which are so-called urban oases.

Address: Prvi program – Martićeva 14F, 10 000 Zagreb – view map
Drugi program – Petrova 21, 10 000 Zagreb – view map

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11. Cat Caffe

LGBTQIA-friendly caffe is home to over 10 cats who sit around and maybe will let you pet them. They are fluffy and happy and great hosts of this cozy place. Cat caffe has excellent coffee, a unique drink list, vegan options, and also board games.

Address: Dragutina Kušlana Street 6, Zagreb – view map

Website | Facebook | Instagram

LGBTQIA+ Web Sites in Croatia

1. Životno partnerstvo

Životno partnerstvo (Life Partnership) is a website where you can find all the information about the Zakon o životnom partnerstvu osoba istog spola (Same-Sex Life Partnership Act) you can view here. was launched as Zagreb Pride’s online project. If you have any questions related to the conclusion of a life partnership or to exercise of your rights guaranteed by the Same-Sex Life Partnership Act, you can contact this community at any time.

Website | Facebook

2. Gay u obitelji

Gay u obitelji (Gay in the Family) is a volunteer project whose mission is to help and support LGBTIQ people’s families in solving all the problems they face related to having a family member of a “different” sexual orientation. The project started in 2007 by the non-governmental organization Drugi korak – Centar za društvenu integraciju seksualnih i rodnih manjina (Second Step – Center for Social Integration of Sexual and Gender Minorities).


3. is a Croatian LGBTQ social network whose purpose is connecting people with a different sexual orientation and lifesight.

Website | Facebook

4. CroL LGBT news portal is a portal whose purpose is to provide information about relevant aspects of the life of the LGBT community. It encourages the LGBT community and organizations to openly communicate about their attitudes and lifestyle and supports them to feel happy and positive about their sexuality. The portal publishes articles considering news, politics, activism, and culture. It also cooperates with other media, activists, and organizations.

Website | Facebook

5. Queer and Archive

Queer and Archive is a collective whose mission is the development, exploration, and questioning of queer culture. The collective organizes and promotes events according to its mission. Queer and Archive also organizes the Festival drugog i drugačijegqFEST (Festival of the other and different) and many different workshops according to their field of work.


6. Trans Mreža Balkan

Trans Mreža Balkan (Trans Balkan Network) is an online platform whose purpose is to provide a safe place for persons of all identities, expressions, and sexual characteristics and to help them find support, information, and good people. The platform also provides educational materials, organizes gatherings, and raises awareness on the expression of diversity, genders, and sexual characteristics.


7. Hollaback! Croatia

Hollaback! is an international project launched with the goal of ending harassment of women and LGBTIQ persons in public spaces. Street harassment is one of the most common types of gender-based violence and, unfortunately, unregulated by the law.


8. Balconn

Balconn is a regional lesbian web portal containing all the information about activism and the LGBT population.


LGBTQIA+ Facebook Communities in Croatia

1. Platypus

Platypus is a Facebook community whose goal is to create a more equal, tolerant, and inclusive society by developing community-building activities for marginalized and vulnerable groups. This community works on EU projects regarding LGBTIQ rights and organizes meet-ups of LGBTIQ groups from different countries. Platypus also organizes workshops targeting problems that LGBTIQ people experience in daily life.


2. LGBTIQ inicijativa Filozofskog fakulteta ‘AUT’

LGBTIQ inicijativa FF-a AUT (LGBTIQ initiative of FF AUT) is a non-profit initiative launched under the Klub studenata Filozofskog fakulteta – KSFF (Student Club of the Faculty of Philosophy) on the Filozofski fakultet u Zagrebu (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb). The initiative’s main goal is to promote the rights of LGBTIQ students and help them through workshops, seminars, lectures, etc.


3. LGBT vijesti Hrvatska

LGBT vijesti Hrvatska (LGBT news Croatia) is an online community that promotes tolerance towards LGBT people in Croatia.


4. Centar za LGBT ravnopravnost

Centar za LGBT ravnopravnost (Center for LGBT Equality) is an activist alliance working towards LGBTQ equality in Croatia.


5. Proces

Proces (process) is an online community devoted to raising public awareness of and sensitizing society toward the LGBTIQ community. The community also organizes events and activities and has a radio show called Proces on Radio Rojc.


6. LGBT Centar Split (place)

This Facebook page promotes events and parties organized for the LGBT community in Split. The center belongs to the non-profit association Rišpet. LGBT Centar Split is open to all citizens who would like to actively participate in promoting LGBT rights. They inform and educate citizens about LGBT topics and organize cultural and social events, exhibitions, movie projections, and other similar activities regarding the LGBT and queer culture.


7. U ime svake obitelji    

The civil initiative U ime svake obitelji (In the name of every family) was formed as an answer to the initiative U ime obitelji (In the name of family), which promotes intolerance, discrimination, and human rights repression. U ime svake obitelji gathers individuals, families, and civil organizations who are willing to help in promoting tolerance and human rights. As they point out, the most important of all human rights is the right to love.


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