Learn Croatian: Types of roads

Cesta (road) at the delta of Neretva river

Hrvatski (Croatian) is a challenging language. It has an unreasonable amount of conjugations and grammatical variations plus a vast vocabulary with very few cognates.

As an expat and a native English speaker, learning Croatian is a constant uphill battle. The best way to learn is to take it in baby steps. We have many lessons with a spoonful of new words, just enough to be swallowed, which you can check out here.

This article covers the different types of roads in Croatia. Whether you’re driving or taking public transit, the ability to decipher street names when navigating Croatia can be a powerful tool. Speak, rinse and repeat until you’ve got them down.

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Let’s learn Croatian…

Croatian vocabulary for types of roads

cestasest-aroad (similar to a boulevard)
obalao-ball-acoast (denotes that the road runs along the coast)
kružni tokkroo-sz-ni toe-k

“ž” sounds like “s” in “pleasure”
traffic circle

How to use road-words in Croatian

1. Cesta

Croatian: Scion me skoro udario na Poljičkoj cesti.

English: A Scion almost hit me on Poljička cesta.

2. Ulica

Croatian: Pošta ne misli da je ime moje ulice stvarno.

English: The post office does not think the name of my street is real.

Ulica (street) in the city of Poreč in Istria

3. Kružni tok

Croatian: Kružni tok u Zagrebu je smrtonosna zamka.

English: The traffic circle in Zagreb is a death trap.

4. Obala

Croatian: Na Obali kneza Domagoja pregazila sam više od tri backpackers.

English: I ran over 3 backpackers on the Obala kneza Domagoja.

Obala (coast) in Slano

5. Autocesta

Croatian: Autocesta prema Rijeci košta ruku, nogu i dva bubrega.

English: The highway to Rijeka costs an arm, a leg, and two kidneys.

6. Put

Croatian: Pala sam u rupu na cesti na Putu Žnjana.

English: I fell into a pothole on Put Žnjana.

Put (path) in Labin, Istria

7. Tunel

Croatian: Zadržao sam dah u tunelu Učka i onesvijestio se.

English: I held my breath in the Učka tunnel and then passed out.

8. Most

Croatian: Bura me bacila sa Paškog mosta.

English: The bura threw me off the Pag bridge.

Paški most (Pag brigde)

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