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True believers only.

At Expat in Croatia, we make Croatia simple – or as simple as reality will allow. Our job is weird, intense and deeply satisfying. We read laws a lot.

We also respond to everyone who contacts us even if they only send an emoji. We make sure everyone feels heard. We listen to stories. We triage the situation, make a diagnosis and create a treatment plan.

We have steadily built trust and a strong bond with our audience and clients since 2013 because we act honorably and value everyone who comes our way – whether they will buy something or not. You can get a taste of that by reading our reviews.

To serve properly, we must frequently deal with the government as part of our profession. That will always be the case. You need to be down with increasing your exposure to the government and its policies.

Everybody on the team sucks information up like a sponge, so that we can all be bureaucracy experts – and there is a lot of information.

It’s definitely not easy. It’s not for those looking for a 9 to 5, clock in, clock out and forget about it.

We offer generous holidays – but work eventually bleeds out of the lines. How much depends on the role.

We are the leaders in Croatian immigration and are proud of it.  It is far from mundane. Every day is new and dynamic. Creativity, independence and growth are fostered.

It can’t be just a job. You’ve got to believe in the cause – and be over-the-moon to do it – though we all have our off days. You need to want to do good. You need to want to be the best.  There is no faking it. If this sounds like it’s up your alley and you’re not getting cult vibes, then check out our open roles below.

What you need to know before you apply

We are a tight-knit team, passionate about helping others and giving back to Croatia. Due to this, we take hiring very seriously. Every person who applies to work at Expat in Croatia must go through a multi-step interview process that includes 3 rounds of test tasks. If these tasks are completed successfully, then you will interview with each member of our team individually.

You can meet our current team here.

While we are predominantly remote, please note that we only hire people already living in Croatia and who already have the right to work. At this time, we will not offer work permits. Please respect this and do not ask for an exception.

We receive a lot of applications, even when not hiring. We kindly ask that you do not follow up with us, given the volume of work we do on any given day. If you are well-suited for the position, we will get back to you – we promise.

Open Jobs

Ništa 🙂

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