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Two of the most frequent questions I get on this site is “Where can I meet people?” and “Where can I find XYZ thing/place/person I need?”. Croatia can be a truly lonely place when you don’t know anybody and are oblivious as to how to get simple things accomplished.

Over the past few years, a number of Facebook Groups and Pages have cropped up that serve as a community for foreigners living in Croatia. This groups are also a hub for local Croatians interested in mingling with the expat community.

In these groups, you have the opportunity to:

  • Meet people, foreign and local alike
  • Get answers to your most pressing “living in Croatia” questions
  • Clue in to local events and culture
  • Get a front row seat for the gripes and complaints of those living here

The most active expat groups organize their own group-specific outings from dinners out to walking tours to day trips to nearby sites to super long coffees in the sun.

Photo by Jaime Silva

Before joining the groups, I highly recommend you read this post first. Here are all of the expat Facebook groups in Croatia:

1. Split

2. Zagreb

3. Dubrovnik

4. Istria

5. Dalmatia

  • Expats in Inland Dalmatia and Herzegovina – Join here
  • Expats of Dalmatia – Join here

6. Zadar

7. Rijeka

8. Islands

9. Osijek

10. All of Croatia

11. A bonus

These groups are for when you are so damned fed up that you need to scream something into the void without any judgment to an international audience that understands your pain. They are not for gentle snowflakes.

And now an expat group focused solely on amazing women living abroad.

  • Expat Women – A World of Opportunities – Join here

Is there a group I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments.

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Expat in Croatia

Sara is an American expat based in Split. After globetrotting between New York, Amsterdam and California, she moved to Croatia in 2012. Sara's blog Expat in Croatia is a guide for foreigners living and traveling in Croatia.