HRT (HTV): Croatian public television and their TV channels

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Croatia’s public television is called HRT (Hrvatska radiotelevizija) and it is owned by the state. HRT covers 5 TV channels and 12 radio stations with one international station each. HRT’s TV programs can be watched in and outside of Croatia – in Europe and globally.

This is the first article we’ve written on the topic of Croatian national television and it covers basic information. In the second one, we will discuss the issues residents often deal with when paying the monthly fee to HRT, so stay tuned…

In this post, we cover:

The facts are these…

HRT (HTV): Croatian public television and their TV channels

What is HRT and what do they offer

Hrvatska radiotelevizija – HRT (Croatian Radiotelevision) is the Croatian national public broadcasting company that operates several television and radio channels. It was founded by the Republic of Croatia and ownership rights belong to the Croatian government. The radio section was founded in 1920 and TV section in 1950.

HRT operates with:

  • 4 terrestrial TV channels
    • Prvi program Hrvatske televizije – HRT – HTV 1
    • Drugi program Hrvatske televizije – HRT – HTV 2
    • Treći program Hrvatske televizije – HRT – HTV 3
    • Četvrti program Hrvatske televizije – HRT – HTV 4
  • 1 international TV channel
    • HRT International (HRT Int.)
  • 3 national radio stations
    • Prvi program Hrvatskoga radija – HRT – HR 1
    • Drugi program Hrvatskoga radija – HRT – HR 2
    • Treći program Hrvatskoga radija – HRT – HR 3
  • 1 international radio station
    • HRT – Glas Hrvatske (Voice of Croatia)
  • 8 regional radio stations
    • HRT – Radio Dubrovnik
    • HRT – Radio Knin
    • HRT – Radio Osijek
    • HRT – Radio Pula
    • HRT – Radio Rijeka
    • HRT – Radio Sljeme
    • HRT – Radio Split
    • HRT – Radio Zadar
  • 8 regional centers

HRT has additional sections including:

  • Simfonijski orkestar (symphony orchestra)
  • Jazz orkestar (jazz orchestra)
  • Tamburaški orkestar (tamburitza orchestra)
  • Zbor Hrvatske radiotelevizije (HRT choir)

What is HRT International

HRT International (HRT Int.) is a channel intended for Croats outside of Croatia and the international public. They broadcast news translated to English, German, and Spanish. Their TV shows Hrvatska, moj izbor (Croatia, my choice) and Otkrivamo Hrvastku (Discover Croatia) feature the lives of Croatian diaspora, returnees, and foreigners who live in Croatia.

HRT Int. also produces documentaries on Croatian history, tradition and culture and their relations with the world.

How to watch HRT programs outside of Croatia

HRT broadcasts 24 hours a day including news, movies, TV shows, author’s shows, and sports programs. The program that is watched the most is HRT – HTV1. News is broadcast within HRT – HTV1 and HRT Int.

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HRT’s national radio and TV programs are broadcast by satellite to the whole of Europe. This means that everyone who owns a satellite and lives in Europe can watch or listen to them.

HRT’s international programs HRT – Glas Hrvatske and HRT Int. – Program za Hrvate izvan RH can be viewed globally. You can track them by satellite in Europe or via HRT’s multimedia service HRTi regardless of location.

What is HRTi

HRT has its own streaming service called HRTi which includes:

  • Watching 5 TV programs
  • Live listening to 12 radio stations
  • Content review with a time-lag
  • Expanded database of TV and radio broadcasts (on-demand)
  • Additional content

HRTi is free of charge for all HRT private users. To use it, you must have a proper receiving device and internet access. HRTi can also be used outside of Croatia. However, if certain content is protected according to the author’s rights, it won’t be available.

More information on the HRTi service including instructions on how to use it is available here.

HRT’s TV show classics

Some of the HRT’s TV shows have been around for a long time and are considered Croatian classics. Let’s introduce some of them.

#1 Dobro jutro, Hrvatska!

Sara Dyson on Dobro jutro, Hrvatska
Sara of Expat in Croatia on Dobro jutro, Hrvatska

Dobro jutro, Hrvatska! is a daily morning show that covers reports and live broadcasts from Croatia. It is led by a couple of TV presenters who host guests in the studio. They also have a column with advice from all areas of life.

We are pleased to remind everyone that Sara was interviewed on Dobro jutro, Hrvatska! in July 2020. You can watch the full interview (in Croatian) as well as read the English transcription of the interview here.

Category: Entertainment, informative, mosaic show
Started: 1992
Broadcasting: Monday- Friday at 6:30; Saturday at 9:30
TV channel: HRT – HTV 1

#2 More

TV show More covers stories related to the richness of the Adriatic Sea and its coast. Their topics cover life at sea and are broadcasted from HRT’s studios in Pula, Rijeka, Zadar, and Split.

Category: Informative mosaic show
Started: 1982
Broadcasting: Sunday at 13:20
TV channel: HRT – HTV 1

#3 Nedjeljom u 2

Nedjeljom u 2 is the longest-running political talk show led by a TV presenter Aleksandar Stanković. Every Sunday, Stanković hosts a guest from the world of politics, science, culture, or economy in the HRT’s studio and they discuss a certain topic. Everyone who watches the show can participate by answering a question that was asked during the show.

Category: Politics
Started: 2000
Broadcasting: Sunday at 14:00
TV channel: HRT – HTV 1

#4 TV Kalendar

TV Kalendar is a short documentary show focused on important events from Croatian and world history.

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Category: History
Started: 1976
Broadcasting: Monday – Saturday at 6:10: Sunday at 7:50
TV channel: HRT – HTV1

Where to find HTV program schedules

All schedules for HRT’s programs including the HRT – HTV1, HRT – HTV2, HRT – HTV3, HRT – HTV4, and HRT – HTV Int. are available here.

Subtitles on HRT TV shows

HRT – HTV4 enables the subtitles for deaf people within the following informative shows:

  • Dnevnik at 12:00
  • Vijesti at 17:00
  • Vijesti at 18:00
  • Dnevnik at 19:00

The titles for the deaf are in Croatian sign language. All shows that are broadcast with Croatian sign language have the label “HZJ” (hrvatski znakovni jezik) on the TV schedules.

Some shows also have belonging subtitles in the Croatian language. They are marked with the label “T” on the TV schedules and Teletext. Titles can be watched via the Teletext page 888.

HRT in numbers

HRT’s archive material includes:

  • 250.000 hours of audiovisual recordings
  • 100.000 hours of radio recordings
  • 30.000 sheet music records
  • 30.000 books

In one year of their TV programs, HRT broadcasts:

  • 2.015.056 minutes (33.584 hours) of TV programs
  • 553.054 minutes of informative programs
  • 54.012 minutes of children’s program
  • 91.390 minutes of scientific and educational programs
  • 80.604 minutes of documentary programs
  • 41.242 minutes of drama programs
  • 99.137 minutes of cultural programs
  • 22.419 minutes of religious programs

HRT monthly fee

If you want to watch HRT TV programs or listen to their radio stations, you must pay a monthly fee. It is prescribed that the amount of a monthly fee cannot be higher than 1.5% of the approximate monthly “neto” salary in Croatia. The monthly fee has remained the same since 2012, and it is 10,62 euros per month.

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Other HRT’s price lists including the advertising price list are available here and here.

There is some classic Croatian screwiness with how this fee is charged, but that necessitates its own post. Stay tuned for that…If you know what I’m talking about and have a story to tell about it, share it with us.

HRT contact information

Address: Hrvatska radiotelevizija, Prisavlje 3, 10 000 Zagreb – view map
Phone: +385 (0)1 634 2634
Monthly fee email:

Other HRT contact information is available here.

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