How to tell time in Croatia (Zagreb, Split, Istria, Dubrovnik)

Clock in Zagreb, Croatia
Clock in Zagreb, Croatia

The Croatian language can sometimes be confusing because it consists of three separated dialects, which are then broken down into endless sub-dialects. When expressing time, different expressions are used in different parts of the country.

Terms used on the Adriatic coast vary from those used in the north. In fact, asking someone the time can quickly out which part of the country they hail from.

Croatians often misunderstand each other, so these differences in speech can be even more confusing for those not from Croatia. We have prepared some examples of how to tell the time in the different parts of the country so you can become familiar with the expressions used where you’re living or plan to visit.

Let’s learn how to tell time…

How to tell time in different Croatian cities

Example: 10:50, in the morning
DubrovnikJedanaest manje deset
IstriaDeset i pedeset
Deset do jedanajs
SplitJedanaest manje deset
Jedanaest uri manje deset
ZagrebDeset sati i pedeset minuta
Deset i pedeset
Deset do jedanaest
Example: 11:30, in the morning
DubrovnikJedanaest i po’
IstriaJedanaest i pol
SplitJedanaest i po’
Jedanaest i po’ uri
ZagrebJedanaest sati i trideset minuta
Jedanaest i trideset
Pola dvanaest
Example: 11:45, in the morning
DubrovnikPodne manje kvarat
IstriaJedanaest i četrdeset pet
Podne manje kvarat
Polne manje kvarat
Kvarat manje polne
Kvarat do polne
SplitPodne manje kvarat
Podne manje petnaest
ZagrebJedanaest sati i četrdeset pet minuta
Jedanaest i četrdeset pet
Trifrtalj(a) dvanaest
Example: 12:15, in the afternoon
DubrovnikPodne i kvarat
IstriaPodne i kvarat
Polne i kvarat
Dvanaest i kvarat
SplitPodne i kvarat
Dvanaest i kvarat
ZagrebDvanaest sati i petnaest minuta
Dvanaest i petnaest
Dvanaest i četvrt
Frtalj jedan
Example: 15:00, in the afternoon
DubrovnikTri ure
IstriaTri ure
Tri ure za polne
SplitTri uri
ZagrebTri sata
Example: 21:20, in the evening
DubrovnikDevet ura i dvadeset
IstriaDevet i dvadeset
SplitDevet uri i dvadeset minuta
Devet i dvadeset
ZagrebDevet sati i dvadeset minuta
Devet i dvadeset
Dvadeset jedan sat i dvadeset minuta
Example: Midnight

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