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UPDATED: 22.11.2023.

To get vozačka dozvola (driver’s license) in Croatia, you must finish driving school. The exception is if you hold a valid foreign driver’s license and intend to exchange it for a Croatian in certain cases. This process is slightly different, and you can read about it here.

If you do not hold a current foreign driver’s license, have held a foreign driver’s license in Croatia for more than 1 year, or have never held a driver’s license, then you must take autoškola (driving school).

Croatian driving school consists of 3 parts: traffic regulations and rules, first aid, and driving. Some driving schools will allow you to pay for an English translator if you are not fluent in Croatian.

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How to take Croatian driving school – autoškola

Traffic regulations and safety rules in Croatian driving schools

Prometni propisi i sigurnosna pravila (traffic regulations and safety rules) is the first part of the lessons you will attend in a driving school. To attend this class, you need:

  • Manual for training and passing a driver’s exam
  • Manual with exam questions and answers for tests

Both manuals are provided within the school program. They are included in the driver’s school cost. It is common to receive a digital version of the manuals through PowerPoint presentations, scripts, or similar.

The class is obligatory and lasts 30 hours, whereas one hour lasts 45 minutes. The lecturer is usually a professional who works at the driving school. After attending the class, you must pass a written exam.

First aid in Croatian driving schools

The next class you must take is called prva pomoć (first aid). The lecturer for this class is a certified doctor. It is usually held in groups consisting of 15 candidates. The class lasts 9 hours and is organized in 90-minute blocks.

The first aid test is divided into:

  • Written theoretical exam
  • Practical exam where you present how to give first aid to an injured person

Vehicle management in Croatian driving schools

The final class is practical, and it is called upravljanje vozilom (vehicle management). Vehicle management consists of at least 35 hours, but it is recommended to take additional hours if needed. One driving hour lasts for 45 minutes.

You may pick a desired driving instructor who works in a school and will teach you how to drive a car. Otherwise, a school will assign you a random instructor. If you’ve heard that a certain instructor is excellent at giving driving lectures, you may pick them. If they are too busy with driving lectures, you’ll have to pick another one, or the school will assign one for you.

As of 2021, vehicle management tests are video and audio-recorded. Video recordings track what a candidate sees through the windshield. Audio recordings record the conversation between a candidate, instructor, and driving inspector. This enables candidates to see recordings and complain if they fail the exam. The police also have access to recordings.

Costs of Croatian driving schools

Croatian driving schools are not cheap. There are many fees for the classes plus the hourly cost of practical training.

The standard driving school costs include:

  • Medical certificate – approximately 50 euro
  • Traffic regulations and safety rules – approximately 100 euros
  • First aid – approximately 75 euros
  • Vehicle management – approximately 700 euros

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Here are the additional costs you may encounter, including the price for failing exams or additional hours.

  • Additional hours – around 20 euros per hour
  • Failing the exam – around 90 euros minimum

The above-mentioned vehicle management prices are valid for the B category, which usually implies cars.

Here are vehicle management prices for other categories.

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If you are not fluent in Croatian, you will need to hire a court translator to translate the lectures and exams for you. That will be an additional cost.

If you want to learn the Croatian language, view our guide on the biggest Croatian language schools here. If you want to learn the language online, view our guide on online Croatian language courses here.

After you take driving school, you can apply for a driver’s license. We have a separate guide on how to qualify and get a driver’s license in Croatia which is available here.

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