How to order steak in Croatia

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Šnicla, ramstek, biftek… You may have been confused at least once while ordering steak in a Croatian restaurant. Which is this cut? How can I communicate how I want it cooked?

To help you order with confidence, we will run down the most popular types of steaks you may see on a restaurant menu in Croatia along with how to order them in the Croatian language.

Dobar tek i u slast (good appetite)!

How to order steak in Croatia
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Types of steak

1. Biftek or file (Beefsteak or Fillet)

Steak fillet is the finest steak option. It is an extremely soft part of the meat which isn’t fatty. This steak comes in many types and sizes including:

  • Delicatessen fillet weights from 60 to 80 grams
  • Tournedo is about 120 grams
  • Filet steak is about 250 grams
  • Chateaubriand is about 500 grams and at least 4 centimeters thick.

Beefsteak is one of the most expensive steaks because it comes from a very limited part of the animal.

2. T-Bone Steak

T-Bone is a piece of meat with a bone in the middle which isn’t too fat. It is called T-Bone because it is T-shaped bone with meat on either side. This steak consists of two types of meat – a small piece of plućna pečenka (tenderloin or “filet mignon”), which is very lean meat with a gentle taste, and the short loin, which is also isn’t very fatty.

It is best to serve it up to a medium to medium-rare to prevent it from becoming too tough and dry.

3. Porterhouse Steak

A porterhouse steak contains the back end of the roast (short loin section of cattle). It is pretty thick – between 4 to 8 centimeters, and weighs about 700-1000 grams. One porterhouse steak is often enough for serving several people.

It is similar to the T-Bone steak as it is also divided into two parts with the bone between, but it includes a larger filet, and it is usually larger steak in general. Porterhouse steak is a bit expensive but it is worth every penny. A porterhouse should be cooked until rare or medium-rare.

Porterhouse steak
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4. Brložni odrezak (Ribeye Steak)

Ribeye is the ultimate steak for many Croatians and meat-eaters. It is one of the most delicious and most expensive steaks. It is very marbled with fat, so it’s best to cook until medium-rare. Its ideal thickness is around 3.75 centimeter, which is perfect to get a nice caramelized steak with a pink middle.

5. Ramstek (New York Strip)

Ramstek is the best steak for those looking for a little bit of everything in one steak. It is cut from the loin of an animal. The meat isn’t too fat or too dry, making it a classic choice. Ramstek is full flavor thanks to its fat glaze. It is usually priced quite reasonably. It should be cooked to medium-rare.

6. Pauflek ili flenk (Flank)

Flank steak is an elongated and flat piece of meat from the belly of a cow. This steak is a bit more fatty and tougher due to the muscle fibers, so it is ideal for marinating. It is recommended to cook until medium-rare.

7. Šnicla (Tri-Tip)

Šnicla is a traditional Croatian name for a thigh steak and it is the most frequently used steak in local cuisine. It is used for barbecue, baking, frying, but also for can be used in soup.

How to order steak in Croatia
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How to order a steak

The methods of steak preparation can vary depending on the cut of steak and a person’s personal preference. Here is your guide on how to order a steak in Croatia.

1. Plav ili veoma krvav (bloody, blue or very rare)

  • Preparation temperature: up to 40°C
  • Fried on the outside, near completely raw and cool on the inside, completely red and bloody

2. Krvav (rare or bloody)

  • Preparation temperature: 50-55°C
  • Browned on the outside, fully red warm center

3. Srednje krvav (medium rare or medium bloody)

  • Preparation temperature: ~55°C
  • Browned on the outside, center is 50% reddish-pink and warm

4. Srednji (medium)

  • Preparation temperature: 60-65°C
  • Browned on the outside, the middle is hot and quite pink

5. Srednje pečen (medium well)

  • Preparation temperature: 65-70°C
  • Browned on the outside, light pink only at the very center

6. Skroz pečen (well done)

  • Preparation temperature: 70°C and more
  • Dark brown on the outside, grey-brown in the center
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