How to get to and from Zagreb Airport in Croatia

Zagreb airport
Zagreb airport in Croatia

UPDATED: 8.5.2024.

Zagreb is home to Croatia’s biggest airport hub, connecting you to dozens of destinations throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

While Split and Dubrovnik are also very well connected to international destinations during the summer, Zagreb offers the most destinations, especially during the winter when options to/from the coastal cities diminish.

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Where is Zagreb Airport situated in Croatia?

Zračna Luka Franjo Tuđman, aka Zagreb Airport, is not actually located in Zagreb. It is in a smaller city called Velika Gorica, about 20 minutes southeast of Zagreb.

Ways to get to and from Zagreb Airport

Zagreb airport is easily reachable by public transport or a car. There is also a large parking lot if you want to leave your car there before the flight. The airport has restaurants and caffe bars, where you can sit and relax while waiting for your flight if you get there on time.

1. Croatia Airlines airport bus

One of the transport options between the city center and the airport is the Croatia Airlines bus. The timetable corresponds with Croatia Airlines’ arrivals and departures but is open to everyone. The bus ride takes about 35-40 minutes. The cost is 8 euros per person each way. Tickets can be purchased on the bus in cash or online here.

The bus picks up and drops off outside Arrivals at the airport. If requested, the bus will make short stops on its way to the main bus station in Zagreb. The final destination is Autobusni kolodvor in central Zagreb, which is only a 10-minute walk from the main train station. You can then take local buses and trams from the bus station.

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The latest timetable for the Croatia Airlines airport bus to and from Zagreb airport is available here.

Zagreb airport timetable
Departures timetable at Zagreb Airport in Croatia

2. Public transport

The cheapest option to get to Zagreb Airport is by public transport. Take the local bus 290 at Kvaternikov trg in Zagreb. The bus drives all the way to Velika Gorica and stops at the airport.

The bus runs every 35-40 minutes, but rides may be less often on Sundays. The ride takes approximately 30 minutes and sometimes even less if the route is not crowded, for example, in the late evening.

You can find the latest timetable for bus 290 here. The one-way ticket costs only 0,53 euros.

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3. Taxi service and Uber

Taxis pick up just outside baggage claim at the curb. Be sure to pick a registered taxi with a yellow sign on top of the car with a meter. Registered taxis will have all of their licensing information displayed.

A taxi to the center of Zagreb will cost between 20 and 34 euros, depending on traffic. If you don’t get a registered taxi, be sure to set an agreed price before leaving the airport.

You may also use Uber, which is significantly cheaper than a taxi. A flat fee is approximately 19 euros.

taxi in front of the airport
Taxi in front of the Zagreb Airport

4. Rental cars

Just outside Arrivals, there are many rental car agencies from all over the world. During peak season, it is highly recommended that you reserve a car in advance of your arrival.

5. Your own car

Zagreb Airport has a huge parking dedicated to personal vehicles, where you can park on an hourly basis or leave your car for longer. If you drive towards the airport, this parking is the first thing you will see. When entering the parking lot, you get a ticket you will use later to pay for your parking. The parking map is available here.

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Kiss & Fly Zone

If you are only dropping off somebody at the airport, you can enter the Kiss & Fly Zone. It offers passengers convenient access to the Passenger Terminal building, swiftly leading them to the airport’s Departures area. Just follow the Departures signs upon arrival. Being in this zone for up to 10 minutes is free, and if you stay longer, view the price list here.

Public Car Park

The Zagreb airport parking lot has space for around 800 cars. You can leave your car here for as many days as you want, and you will pay for parking when you leave the airport after your trip. The first day costs 21 euro, and every additional day costs 11 euro. Check all prices here.

Tips on Zagreb Airport, Croatia

kids at the airport
Inside the Zagreb Airport

Zagreb Airport has recently been renovated, and now it looks amazing, with many shops and caffe bars on its premises. However, there are some things to keep in mind when flying out of this airport.

1. Arrive early

If you are traveling from Zagreb airport, it is always good to arrive 2 hours before the flight, especially if you have to check in the luggage. Some airlines require you to stand in queue for your boarding pass to be printed. If this is the case, it is best to be in line before they open the booth so you don’t get stuck at a security checkpoint with hundreds of people later on.

2. Check in online

If possible, always check in online. The rules are different for each airline, but most of them will allow you to download a boarding pass on your phone after you check in online. Even if they don’t and you have to wait for the boarding pass, the process will be faster if you have checked in already.

3. Use public transport

Zagreb airport is easy to get to by public bus or a shuttle bus, and you do not have to pay for expensive taxis or Uber rides. During the peak season, it is good to buy a ticket to a shuttle bus in advance to ensure your seat is saved. But you can always jump on the bus line 290 and have a quick ride to the airport.

4. Bring your own food

Zagreb airport has several very nice caffe bars and small restaurants, and there is plenty of food to buy there. However, they are very expensive and sometimes prices are not even on display until you get to the register.

If you do not want to pay for overpriced food and drinks, you can bring your own meals and have a snack before your flight. Buy products from local producers at markets, something healthy in stores mentioned in this guide, or something vegan or vegetarian listed here.

5. Exchange money before getting a taxi

When you arrive at Zagreb airport, you will see the exchange office before you exit the building. You can get some euro for your taxi or bus ride there. Most taxis do not accept credit cards, and also they are not allowed to accept foreign currency, so make sure to have local currency for your first ride to Zagreb.

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6. Take advantage of free wifi

You can get free Wi-Fi at the airport in the passenger area. Caffe bars have their own wifi as well, and it is fairly fast unless there are too many people at the airport. If you still haven’t tried a Croatian beer, now is the right time to visit a caffe bar and enjoy it.

Tiny tip: In the city of Zagreb, most caffe bars also offer free wifi.

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7. Take advantage of duty-free

Take advantage of gifts or souvenirs sold in duty-free shops if you want to take something special home. If you love tax-free shopping, there’s a duty-free store available at international departures. They have fragrances, chocolates, Croatian wines, books, and more. Check out their Aura booth for amazing local rakija liqueur and gin, or buy other local products.

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8. Visit the tourist info center

When you are at Arrivals, you can get all the information about Zagreb and pick up some maps and flyers at Turistički informativni centar (Tourist info center – Visitor center Zagreb). This is the best place to find out what is currently happening in Zagreb and what not to miss at the present moment. Our guide about what to do in Zagreb when it rains available here could also be helpful.

9. Use the business lounge

The Primeclass Lounge is a serene and inviting ambiance for travelers. It offers a range of amenities like a self-service buffet with fresh complimentary snacks, high-speed wireless internet, a business corner equipped with laptops, TV, and a selection of daily newspapers and magazines.

10. Get your VAT return

If you are leaving Croatia and have been shopping on your trip, now is the time to get your VAT back, and you can do it at Zagreb airport. When you enter the main building on the left, you will see the carina (customs) office where you can submit your claim. Sometimes, they are not at the desk, so you have to call the phone number from the telephone provided at the desk, and they will arrive shortly.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get from Zagreb Airport to the city?

The cheapest option is to take the city bus to Kvaternik Square, or you can get a shuttle bus parked in front of the arrivals. Taxis, Uber, and rent-a-cars are also available.

How much is a taxi from Zagreb Airport to the city?

A taxi from Zagreb airport to the city costs around 25-35 euro. The price depends on the time of day and how many kilometers you will travel. Always ask for the price before you enter the vehicle.

How early should I arrive at Zagreb Airport?

It is always best to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before the flight. If you do not have luggage to check in and know you will not have to wait in line for the boarding pass, you can arrive an hour before the flight.

Is there a bus from the Zagreb bus terminal to the airport?

Yes, there is the airport bus, which frequently leaves from the Zagreb bus terminal. You can view more information here.

How do you pay for a bus in Zagreb?

If you buy an airport bus ticket on the bus, you must pay in cash. If you buy it online or at the bus station, you can pay with a card. In general, you should always have cash for public transport. The tickets are sold by the driver.

Is there an Uber in Zagreb?

Yes, Zagreb has Uber, but also Bolt, Cammeo, and many other taxi services and apps. Uber is the most reliable and affordable, so make sure to install their app before arriving. You can pay by card or cash for your Uber ride in Croatia.

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