How to get to and from the Zadar Zemunik Airport in Croatia

Entrance to the Zadar Airport
Entrance to the Zadar Airport in Croatia

UPDATED: 24.8.2023.

The Zadar Zemunik Airport is located about 12 km from the center of Zadar and about 10 km from the main bus station in Zadar. Zadar is the second biggest city in Dalmatia and the fifth biggest city in Croatia.  

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Transport to and from Zadar Zemunik Airport, Croatia

Where is Zadar Airport situated in Croatia?

The Zadar-Zemunik Airport is located about 12 km from the center of Zadar and about 10 km from the main bus station in Zadar.

Ways to get to and from Zadar Zemunik Airport

#1 Zadar public transport

The airport shuttle bus stops in front of the international terminal. The bus trip to the center of Zadar takes about 20 minutes. The bus stops at the main bus station and then continues to the city center.

If you are traveling to the airport from Zadar, you can get on the bus from the old town and 5 minutes later from the main bus station. The bus stops and the timetable in both directions are available here.

The one-way ticket with the airport bus is 4,65 euros, which can be purchased on the bus. From the main bus station in Zadar, you can connect to all major cities in Croatia using long-haul buses.

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#2 Private or joint transfer

If your destination is Zadar, then pre-booked transportation is the simplest solution. To destinations such as Novalja, Tisno, Biograd na moru, and Pakoštane, a private transfer can be arranged with vehicles for 1-3 people or vehicles up to 8 people. The price per kilometer for a pre-booked transfer is about 1,20 to 1,50 euros per kilometer.

Ticketing inside Zadar Airport
Ticketing inside Zadar Airport

#3 Car rental

In Zadar Zemunik Airport, you may rent a car from local as well as international rental companies. Options for renting a car from Zadar Zemunik Airport can be found here and here.

#4 Shuttle bus

Another service available at the Zadar Zemunik Airport is a shuttle bus, which goes to Borik, Petrčane, Novalja, and Pag. More information on the destinations and prices is available here.  

#5 Taxi

Taxi is also not a bad option to transfer from the airport. Taxis are parked opposite the airport exit for international arrivals. This service is available 0-24.

The cost of transport to the center is about 20 euros. If you have already booked accommodation in city areas such as Borik or Diklo, you can save time by taking a taxi from the airport instead of first traveling to the main bus station and then taking the local bus.

Within Zadar, you can take the public bus to get around the city quickly. Here is a complete guide to Liburnija, Zadar’s public bus system.

Zadar airport in fog
Zadar airport on the foggy October morning

Tips on the Zadar Airport, Croatia

Zadar Airport offers domestic and international flights. Some of the airlines that the airport serves are Croatia Airlines, Easy Jet, Eurowings, Lufthansa, Ryanair, Transavia, and Vueling. 

If you are traveling from Zadar Airport, arrive at the airport earlier to pass the procedures smoothly. You don’t want to be late, so come to the airport at least two hours before the flight. The airport is busier during the summer season when Croatia is full of tourists from all over the world. 

If your airline allows online check-in, use this option to save some time.

The prices at the airport are relatively high. A better option is to buy food and other necessities you need in Zadar or somewhere else on the coast.

View more information about the Zadar Airport on their official pages available here.

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