How to get to and from Dubrovnik Airport, Croatia

Dubrovnik and the old city

UPDATED: 12.4.2023. 

After Zagreb and Split airports, Zračna luka Dubrovnik (Dubrovnik Airport) is the third-busiest airport in Croatia. It is situated in Čilipi, about 20 kilometers south of the old town of Dubrovnik and 6 kilometers from Cavtat, so it is often called Čilipi Airport.

There are several ways to travel to and from Dubrovnik Airport and the city of Dubrovnik, including private and group transfers, rental cars, airport and local buses, and taxis. This article covers each option in detail.

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Transport to and from Dubrovnik Airport, Croatia

Ways to get to and from Dubrovnik Airport

Dubrovnik Airport
Dubrovnik Airport

#1 Private or joint transfer booked in advance

If you want to reach your final destination quickly with minimal hassle, then private transfer is your best option. Consider this option when traveling to destinations such as the island of Korčula, the Pelješac peninsula, or cities beyond Dubrovnik.

The transfer price is around 32 euros for 1-3 people, depending on your destination. For a minibus transfer (8 people), the cost would be around 10 euros higher.

#2 Rent a car

At Dubrovnik Airport, there are many options for renting a car with local as well as international rental companies.

Dubrovnik old town
The old town of Dubrovnik

#3 Airport bus

An official airport shuttle bus transports people between Dubrovnik’s main bus station and the airport. The journey time is about 25-30 minutes.

The bus leaves the airport 30 minutes after every flight. The bus arrives in Dubrovnik at the main bus station in Gruž. From here, some buses cover most of the city.

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The shuttle bus timetable for departures from Dubrovnik main station to the airport and information on tickets and prices are available here.

Another shuttle bus called Korkkyra drives from the airport to Korčula. It passes through Orašac, Slano, Prapratno, Trpanj, Orebić, Korčula, Lumbarda, Brna, and Vela Luka. The bus drives up to 8 times a day after the arrival of regular airlines. You can download the schedule here.

Dubrovnik marina
Dubrovnik marina

#4 Local bus transfers

Some of the local buses from Dubrovnik to nearby cities stop on the road that passes by the airport.

View suburban routes and schedules for towns east of Dubrovnik here.

View suburban routes and schedules for towns west of Dubrovnik here.

#5 Taxi

Taxis are available outside the Dubrovnik Airport terminal. The ride from the airport to Dubrovnik city center takes about 30 minutes and costs approximately 30-40 euros. Make sure you agree on the fare before the start of the ride.

You can also take an Uber, which will cost you around 25 euros depending on the demand that day.

Dubrovnik Stradun and people walking
Stradun – the main street of the Dubrovnik old town

Tips on the Dubrovnik Airport

Some of the airlines Dubrovnik Airport serves are Air France, British Airways, Croatia Airlines, EasyJet, Lufthansa, Ryanair, and Turkish Airlines. The airport offers domestic and international flights. View more information about the Dubrovnik Airport at their official pages available here.

If you are traveling from Dubrovnik Airport, arrive earlier so you don’t miss the flight and pass the required procedures smoothly. The airport can get busy, especially during June and August, the peak of Croatian tourist season. Come at least two hours before the flight.

If you want to save time, check in for the flight online if your airline allows this option. This way, you can enjoy a coffee in the Dubrovnik old town for a bit longer 🙂

Public transport to or from Dubrovnik airport is the cheapest option. It is much cheaper than taking a taxi.

Route map Dubrovnik – Zračna luka Dubrovnik

Enjoy your stay in Dubrovnik! 🙂

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