How to Fill Medicine Prescriptions in Croatia

Croatia Pharmacy - Ljekarna

Once you’ve visited the doctor and have a prescription, where do you go to get it filled? 

The answer is the ljekarna, the Croatian equivalent to the pharmacy. You can find a ljekarna in every neighborhood, sometimes on every street corner. They are easy to identify by their lit green "+" sign and large “LJEKARNA” sign.

Just as you would in your home country, give the prescription and your HZZO insurance card or letter of HZZO coverage to the pharmacist. For most prescriptions, HZZO will cover the cost 100%.

If you are only visiting Croatia as a tourist, the cost of the prescription can be paid in cash or with PIN. 

If the ljekarna has your prescription on hand, there is little to no wait time. 

In the United States and the UK, the pharmacy can be part of a larger convenient store that also offers a wide range of items from beauty and kitchen products to pet food and greeting cards. The pharmacy in Croatia is not like this, as it really is only focused on medecine. If you are looking for this type of small-scale type all-around convenient store, your best bet is DM

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