Fly: Zagreb to Rome 2014 Flight Schedule on Etihad

Etihad Airways, official airline carrier of the United Arab Emirates, recently took over Swiss Air's regional subsidiary Darwin Airlines. The new airlines has been rebranded as Etihad Regional. One of the new routes from Etihad Regional will include direct flights between Zagreb, Croatia and Rome's Fiuminco Airport. 

Below is the full timetable, scheduled to begin March 30, 2014:

ZAGREB 10:20 1-3-5-7 24:00 ROME (FCO) F7 197 S20 30.03 –
ROME (FCO) 8:20 1-3-5-7 9:50 ZAGREB F7 196 S20 30.03 –

 Timetable courtesy of AeroCroatia

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